Best Physical Therapist in Winston Salem NC that Help With Vertigo

Vertigo is one of the most commonly misunderstood ailments. The term itself can refer to a wide range of symptoms, including dizziness, lack of balance, lightheadedness, and nausea. It’s actually more accurate to describe vertigo as a symptom rather than its own illness. It typically indicates a bigger problem, often involving the inner ear. Many vertigo sufferers have sought relief for years, but it’s a notoriously difficult condition to treat. Physical therapy for vertigo is a consistently effective treatment regimen that offers promising care to patients. If vertigo has impeded your life and your happiness, you can reclaim your wellbeing with help from a physical therapist.

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Assessing What Works Best for You

Different people respond differently to certain treatment options. Physical therapy is never a one-size-fits-all solution, and in fact, the opposite is true. Physical therapy is uniquely tailored to help you meet your goals, and treatment is determined by what works the best for you. How exactly is the treatment that “works best for you” determined, then? Throughout every step of the PT process, your practitioner will check in to assess your recovery through both objective measurements — measuring your range of motion, for example — and subjective measurements such as asking you how you’re feeling.

This information can help your physical therapist determine what the best treatment techniques are to alleviate your vertigo. The same approach is used for back pain treatment and any other form of physical therapy. The most effective way to treat any physical ailment is to partner with an expert medical provider who is committed to helping you get well — and that’s exactly what a physical therapist is. With a dedicated practitioner on your side, you can overcome your symptoms and resume your life free from the burden of vertigo.

Finding the Right PT to Help You

Of course, not every physical therapist views their job this way. Some view the patient-practitioner relationship in more clinical terms. These providers may not seek your feedback, or they may use treatment techniques that you don’t respond to. If you’re looking for physical therapy in Winston-Salem, NC, it’s imperative that you find a provider who’s just as collaborative as they are competent. At the core of every successful physical therapy session is a mutual commitment to meeting the patient’s goals. If you haven’t found a provider who meets this standard, it’s best to keep looking until you do — it could make a major difference in your recovery.

What else should you look for when you’re seeking out a new physical therapist? You’ll likely get pretty familiar with your practitioner, so it’s important to look for somebody that you feel comfortable with. For some people, that means they seek out a physical therapist who’s the same gender that they are — and that’s perfectly fine. For others, it means looking for a physical therapist who has experience treating their unique problem — for example, a practitioner who’s previously treated vertigo. The most important criteria of all, though, is finding a provider who’s effective.