Best PC Speakers – Worth Buying

After several hours of research, I established my selection among computer speakers currently available on the market.

In my opinion, the best value for money is the Logitech Z623, which offers both power and sound balance.

The best cheap computer speakers

Of course, there are still possibilities to find PC speakers at very low prices. Unfortunately, quality does not always follow.

I defined my entry-level quite widely: everything under 100 €. Nevertheless, I was demanding and only selected products with good quality.

Logitech Z506: the best deals

The best cheap PC speakers in my selection offer 5.1 surrounds. While the Logitech Z506 are not new, they continue to offer excellent value for money at the moment.

They include a center speaker, four modules and a subwoofer. The set is, in my opinion, quite a design, with their rounded shapes and matte black coating.

Connectivity side, Logitech played the card of minimalism: a 6-channel input, a 3.5 mm jack, an RCA input, a headphone jack. This speaker is clearly designed for use on PC, not on television.

Moreover, there is no remote control provided, and the ergonomics could be reviewed since everything connects and is set via the rear panel of the subwoofer (as you tell it must be accessible ). On the other hand, all the cables measure between 2 and 5 meters, which is amply enough to cover a room.

And the sound quality in all this? To be honest, if it is correct, it is not optimal either. The subwoofer, advertised as starting at 45 Hz, does not really become audible until around 80-90 Hz.

The power delivered, it reaches 75 Watts RMS, which is actually much too much for the vast majority of users. Even if you place these speakers at the corners of a large room and want to have a party at home, you will probably have to restrict the volume to less than 80% of its total capacity.

In general, the Z506 is a very good entry-level surround speaker and they offer an impressive price/quality ratio. They are particularly useful for immersing themselves in movies or video games but are also very suitable for listening to music.

Logitech Z200: the first price speakers

If you want top-notch speakers, but with which you can still put some pretty loud music and enjoy good sound, then the Logitech Z200 is one of the best choices.

Indeed, at a very low price for speakers, the Z200 offers high hardware quality and high sound power. Each speaker achieves a power of 5 Watts RMS, which is enough to fill a room of about 15 square meters (but probably not to listen to a movie in your living room).

These are speakers 2.0, minimalist but elegant design, with the white circle around baffles that offers a touch of modernity. They also exist in a white version, where this time the circle is black. But I personally have a preference for the black version.

The ergonomics are well thought out since the volume and power controls, the headphone jack and the auxiliary input are all located on the front panel of the modules on the right, which makes them easy to access.

With their frequency ranging from 80 to 20 kHz, they offer a fairly wide coverage and allow them to go down well in the bass thanks to the wheel provided for this purpose, always on the front panel of the module. And even if these basses are not very deep, they are present and sufficient for office use.

In the end, I would say that there is a good overall balance, with the bass present, detailed mediums and well-defined treble. It is an excellent choice for small portfolios.

The best midrange computer speakers

In this price range, manufacturers are no longer condemned to compromise and calculated sacrifices. When we stop the race at the cheapest, it is possible to a couple of hardware quality, sound quality, audio power, and even some additional features. Visit here for more buying guides.