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Best Packing Hacks When You're Moving - TIME BUSINESS NEWS

Best Packing Hacks When You’re Moving

Shifting and moving are common but stressful events in everyone’s lives. Even if you are used to moving frequently, the stress the entire process involves can make anyone crawl their brains out. It is ideal to hire the services of any best moving company to help you ease your move. 

However, even the best moving services will not be able to help you if you are not mentally prepared for the move yourself. There are some top packing hacks that you can opt for which will make your life a lot easier while reducing the amount of total work.

Wondering what those hacks are? Stay tuned with us till the end.

Top Packing Hacks & Tricks

There are many tasks you can do prior to the packing stage which will help ease the burden off of your mind. Even if you have hired the same day movers you need to do some work yourself. Let’s get started with the list of helpful hacks and tricks which will make your life easy. 

  • Get in touch with all the utility companies when you decide your move

Even though getting in touch with your utility companies to cancel your current usage and have them registered at your new home does not require a lot of time, however, once you get too occupied with your packing, this will seem like a hassle. 

So get this done as soon as you find the place you are moving in. This way at least one small but important task would be off of your list. 

  • Hire a good moving company immediately 

Even if you have decided that you will hire a good moving company in town but the real hassle comes when you have to decide who to hire? You must immediately start seeking referrals from family, friends, and colleagues on credible moving services in your area. 

Then do some homework yourself as well, shortlist two to three top companies and, get a rough estimate from each of them. Then hire the one that is most affordable.

  • Plan out your budget

Without a doubt, moving is not a cheap process and if you are hiring a moving service to handle your move right from the packing stage to the unpacking stage then you may end up paying a heavy bill. Find online cost calculators for your move and use them to your advantage and then calculate the exact budget you require for your move.

  • Figure out the items you wish to donate or dispose of

If you are planning to get new furniture for your new home, then get in touch with donation pick up companies in your area that can pick up your old furniture. Or if you wish to sell out some items, put them on sale on various websites and social media pages.

  • Calculate the amount of packing supplies you require

Make a list of all the items in your house that you have to pack. Then accordingly make a list of the packing supplies you require such as the number of cardboard boxes, tapes, markers, labels, etc. 

  • Eat as much as you can!

The real problem is when you have to move the items from your fridge, freezer, and grocery section. While if you do not move them and simply throw them away, you would be wasting food and money both. So the ideal way is to eat as much food as you can before your moving date. You can take the dry items with you but eat up all the frozen food!

Moving hacks and tips if followed well in time will definitely make your move a lot easier.