Best online tools for tutors

When you need to deliver lessons to students remotely or digitally, online tutoring is one of the best ways. Since the emphasis on digital technology will continue to increase, it is the right time to upgrade your online tutoring resources. 

Due to the rising interest in and demand for online tutoring, many efficient technologies for the same are available. These technologies support instructors in successfully delivering their instruction and make lessons more interesting.

However, deciding which technologies to use for your online teaching might be challenging. With so many devices, programs, and applications at your disposal, you can get perplexed about picking the best ones for teaching. 

So, we have brought you an amazing list to reduce the confusion and help you decide on the best ones. 

In this article, we will discuss the best online tools tutors can use to enhance their teaching experience and deliver the best lessons. So, go ahead and check them out!

5 Best Online Tools for Tutors

Online tools assist tutors in creating lessons and managing all the activities surrounding them. Tasks such as scheduling courses, communicating with students, and keeping track of expenses become easier with these tools. 

In addition, these software programs also help you know how your coursework is progressing. 

So, here are some of the best tools you can use to excel as a tutor.


Using a multitude of tools may become challenging to handle. However, is a comprehensive app that can help you complete many tasks. 

It offers a free video-conferencing feature that lets you communicate and engage with your students. In addition, it is an excellent option for online tutoring since it allows you to give your lessons in real-time.

Your students can also book accessible classes and courses using the appointment schedule feature. 

It offers them access to your real-time calendar, allowing you to catch them at the peak of their interest. You won’t have to worry about constantly scheduling and keeping track of your classes.

The online booking feature of the app can also save you a ton of time on those monotonous everyday duties. 

It can help you stay organized and manage your time well. In addition, the payment management feature gives a seamless experience in handling payments and expenses. 

Thus, owing to its wide range of advanced tech features, serves to be one of the most effective online tools for tutors. It not only helps you deliver future-proof online classes but also enhances the visibility of your tutoring business.

  1. Visme

Visme is a great tool to make your lessons interactive and engaging for students. Tutors consistently produce learning resources for their pupils. So, using this design tool, you can create presentations, infographics, timetables, reports, idea maps, and more. 

Also, with these tools, you can easily make slide presentations, printable worksheets, and class notes. It has plenty of features that both non-designers and designers can use quickly and efficiently. 

This tool comes with free images and graphics; you can customize them depending on your requirements. Besides, its simple drag-and-drop editor lets you do all the tasks smoothly.

The integrated design can help tutors deliver the best lessons and have an engaging learning experience for students. 

Teachers and students may utilize the tool together for a creative and engaging educational experience.

  1. Krisp

One of the most common sources of distraction in an online class is noise. Students may occasionally struggle to comprehend what their teachers are saying. When the instructor discusses an important topic, students may hear many unwanted noises that can cause distractions.

Background noises like microphones buzzing, dogs barking, sounds from the kitchen, fans, families chatting, and younger siblings shouting can make it hard to concentrate. 

Krisp is a noise-canceling tool you can use with any conferencing platform to muffle background noises.

The app is simple to set up on all platforms and functions with any speaker, microphone, or headset. 

You won’t have to constantly repeat yourself or fear your students won’t hear you. It can eliminate all distractions and help your students get the most out of the lessons.

  1. Google Classroom

It is a learning management system (LMS) that lets you handle many tasks. For example, tutors may utilize them to create courses, tests, and papers accessible through Google Classroom

You can use Google Drive to create and distribute assignments. For in-class communication, you can use your Gmail account.

Google Classroom is too simple to use. Hence, tutors can easily provide the material for classes, examinations, assessments, and quizzes inside the tool. Email and message boards are other options for them to get in touch with the kids and parents. 

Besides, the software lets you produce the content for your lessons using various tools. Also, it increases the social learning component of online training, allowing students to gain from the knowledge and abilities of their peers. 

Thus, Google Classroom enables teachers to create collaborative digital learning experiences. The app has made teaching online classes much simpler.

  1. Formative

Instructors and tutors can design projects for specific students or whole classes using the app. 

There are many different question types you may select from and create quizzes for your students. In addition, you can use interactive materials like videos or graphics to create the questions.

Numerous free-to-use questions are accessible in the gallery if you don’t want to make your own or are missing original ideas. 

Besides, the real-time exam results let you provide feedback and add emojis. Tutors can collect different types of student responses using the app and provide feedback individually.

You can create an engrossing virtual classroom with videos, reading assignments, and written replies. Also, you can request students to produce a video response to reflect on what they learned in class. 

In addition, you can keep track of your student’s progress as they finish graphic organizers, solve arithmetic issues, and carry out science experiments.

Winding Up

There are so many free materials online, and with the correct tools, you can ensure your lesson goes successfully. Even though technology occasionally malfunctions, you can always reduce this likelihood by being aware of the alternatives for delivering your online classes. 

Using automation, video conferencing, and online booking systems as part of your tutoring program can save time, streamline operations, and engage students.

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