Best Online Slide Presentation Tools in 2021

There are practically dozens of online slide presentation products available on the market today, making it more difficult to keep track of them all. The majority of them have been tailored to a particular purpose or kind of user, and THE perfect tool for you may be one that you’ve never heard of before.

We’ve put together some best online slide presentation software lists to throw some light on the subject and to provide you with a thorough presentation software list to guarantee that you make the best decision possible when it comes to the platform you choose. A few weeks of study and evaluation of more than 50 different presenting tools presently accessible on the internet resulted in the publication of this essay.

1.      Piktochart

From graphics to media platforms stories, Piktochart can generate them all. Piktochart offers a large selection of professionally designed slide templates. Employee onboarding templates and monthly marketing reports.

This wide range of options is ideal for people who lack design expertise yet need to quickly produce a visually appealing presentation. Drag-and-drop features in Piktochart make adding design components like lists, timelines, comparisons, graphs, and charts simple.

2.      PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is always the very first thought when you want to make new slides. It is frequently used and has a basic interface, so most people are acquainted with it. It includes dynamic transitions, pre-installed fonts, and visual components. Users may also add their fonts, graphics, and pictures.

Finally, it’s part of Microsoft Office, and you can edit presentations online or on mobile devices. PowerPoint also has few templates to select from to get you a quick start.

3.      Google Slides

Google Slides is a comparable program to PowerPoint. But it’s a completely online slide presentation tool; completely interactive, and free. The nice aspect about Google Slides is that you can access it through the internet or official app.

You can view all your slides from any device and collaborate in real-time. And, as long as you have a wifi connection, all changes are stored as they happen.

4.      Keynote

You might call Keynote Apple’s PowerPoint. It’s likewise a slideshow program, but with an Apple-like clean, simple layout. There are 30 themes to select from, which act as templates for fast fixes. EXACTLY WHAT PowerPoint CAN DO!

This is the primary benefit of Keynote. It supports iCloud and Apple Watch, allowing users to manage their presentations from their wrists.

5.      SlideHTML5

Convert ppt to HTML presentations and share slides quickly with SlideHTML5. SlideHTML5 is a free online slide presentation maker. Instead of using tedious offline ppt files, build online presentations with beautiful visuals and interactive features.

Your content can change the world. You may engage with visitors right on your SlideHTML5 website to boost clicks, likes, and shares.

The following are the main features:

  • PowerPoint to HTML conversion in a split second.
  • Increase the effectiveness of your content marketing.
  • Reach a more significant number of people and have a greater impact


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