Best Online Property Management Software Guide 2021?

It’s not just about finding tenants, it’s about managing them both, and finding out what their maintenance needs are. An important role is played here by online property management software. Find out everything you need to know about property management software in this guide.

What is Property management software and how they help?

Property management software provides landlords and real estate professionals with numerous features such as tracking leases, residents, and maintenance tasks, as well as managing rents and finances.

Benefits of Property Management Software

There are several important advantages to property management software, including:

Managers can track tenants and leases to automate the leasing process from prospect to move-out. Tenant and lease tracking also helps keep track of tenant details, such as rent payments or contact information.

Property managers need to maintain buildings and utilities to ensure tenants find value and comfort in their homes. It provides residents with the ability to submit work orders, while managers can assign tasks and schedules to ensure that crucial maintenance tasks are completed on time.

Manages the financial aspects of your properties, including tracking rent payments and creating reports on financial health.

Rent portal or resident portal. A resident portal on your property enables tenants to make rent payments, make maintenance requests, and communicate with landlords at any time. It also allows managers to send alerts and notifications to residents about important messages or upcoming rent dates.

Competitive Advantages of Using Property Management Software

Whether you’re in charge of a single apartment building or several large commercial buildings, property management software lets you handle your daily tasks efficiently, so you can focus on your business:

Increase your bottom line with software that lets property managers deal with more prospects, so they’re able to spend time on marketing and finding the best residents and renters. A few clicks will enable you to list vacancies quickly on any website such as Craigslist or

You’ll be able to increase your convenience with online tenant portals where residents can pay rent any time of the day. This will make it easier for you to collect rent because it’s convenient for them and you. Additionally, a portal gives tenants and office staff the ability to connect instantly, so that all-important announcements can be delivered promptly.

You’ll be able to identify trends that could be damaging your business or help you find opportunities to improve your business with reporting and analytics tools.

Business Sizes Using Property Management Software

The software available for today’s market offers a wide range of features based on portfolio size and types:

Single and multi-family buyers

Property management systems should offer a range of options to help landlords manage their properties, including core functionality such as accounting and tenant tracking as well as portals and marketing services.

Enterprise-level buyers

A system that gives a comprehensive portfolio overview is ideal for those who manage several properties across a commercial enterprise.

Hidden Costs of Property Management Software

There is a relatively straightforward pricing structure for property management software, however, some solutions include costs that you did not anticipate. Here are some other common costs besides the monthly fee:

  1. Additional modules you may not be able to add to the plan you selected
  2. The vendor will provide implementation services or charges for the software to set the software up for success.
  3. You can train your staff on the systems to make use of them effectively.
  4. A comprehensive API is available for the customizing of software to your needs.


We looked for software that had a good reputation for responsive, cost-effective customer service, integration with other software, and comprehensive features to facilitate efficient and affordable property management. If you need good service and support, then check out Pickspace Plus trending amongst the best.

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