Best Online Medical Platform: KOREA MEDIS

Asian female doctor, physician in medical uniform with stethoscope, cross arms on chest, smiling and looking like professional, white background.

KOREA MEDIS is an online medical platform that is certified as a Social Enterprise of Korea and is highly supported by the South Korean government. They are constantly trying to help hundreds of overseas patients find suitable medical facilities in South Korea and get treated in any medical specialty including many types of cancer.

Their carefully curated database offers detailed information on hospitals, news, and recommended doctors. With their medical tourism services in South Korea, you will be able to have a consultation, provide your own medical data and communicate directly with the hospitals that interest you. Once you make up your mind, KOREA MEDIS will organize your whole trip. You will be given all the relevant information about your application for a medical visa, flights, accommodations, medical interpreter, and transportation. Furthermore, they ensure the safety and security of your medical records and other sensitive personal data.

KOREA MEDIS holds an extended record of medical cases with precise details. Their most recent article on Why is Korea the right destination for Medical Tourism shares even more advantages of being a medical tourist in the county. For example, Rhynoplasty in the Banobagi Plastic Surgery Clinic costs $3,130 while the average cost in the US is $6000-$8000.

Download the KoreaMedis app on Android or contact them directly with any questions!