Best no deposit bonus in Malaysia: top picks by Traders Union

The Forex market is a popular destination for traders looking to earn profits, and bonuses are crucial in attracting new traders. One type of bonus that has gained significant attention is the no deposit bonus in Malaysia. 

Traders Union has compiled crucial information on selecting the best no deposit bonus in Malaysia, making it easier to start your trading journey without risking your own capital.

How to choose the best no deposit bonus in Malaysia

According to Traders Union experts, here are some key factors to consider when choosing the best no deposit bonus in Malaysia:

  • Broker reputation: Ensure the broker offering the bonus is reputable, regulated, and trustworthy.
  • Bonus terms and conditions: Carefully review the terms and conditions, including withdrawal requirements and trading restrictions.
  • Overall trading costs: Assess the broker’s fees, such as spreads, commissions, and swaps, to determine if the bonus is worth the cost of trading.

Can you withdraw your bonus?

The ability to withdraw a bonus depends on the broker’s specific terms and conditions. In most cases, you must meet certain trading volume requirements before withdrawing the bonus or any profits generated using the bonus funds. Some brokers may also have time limits for withdrawing the bonus, requiring you to meet the criteria within a specific timeframe.

What are the most common mistakes when choosing a Forex bonus?

TU experts have identified the following common mistakes made by traders when selecting a no deposit bonus:

  • Ignoring the broker’s reputation: Choosing a bonus solely based on its attractiveness without considering its reliability and reputation.
  • Overlooking terms and conditions: Failing to thoroughly understand the bonus requirements leads to difficulties in withdrawing profits.
  • Neglecting trading costs: Focusing only on the bonus amount and not taking into account the overall trading costs may outweigh the bonus’s benefits.

Top Forex brokers with no deposit bonuses

According to Traders Union experts, the following are the top Forex brokers offering no deposit bonuses:


Tickmill presents a $30 no deposit bonus, which appeals to traders seeking to delve into the Forex market without any upfront investment. The broker is recognized for its transparent pricing, user-centric trading platforms, and outstanding customer support. With top-tier regulatory authorities such as FCA, CySEC, FSCA, LFSA, and SFSA, Tickmill ensures competitive trading conditions, swift execution, and a broad selection of trading instruments.


RoboForex extends a $30 no deposit bonus, allowing traders to commence trading without an initial deposit. Regulated by CySec and IFSC, the broker features a user-friendly platform with a comprehensive range of trading instruments. RoboForex also boasts narrow spreads, attentive customer support, and a plethora of educational resources to enhance traders’ skills.


Catering to new clients in Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Brunei, Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand, HFM provides a $35 no-deposit bonus. The broker is recognized for its intuitive trading platform, diverse trading instruments, and attractive spreads. HFM offers extensive educational materials to support traders in developing their skills and ensures responsive customer support for any inquiries.


InstaForex grants a generous $1,000 no deposit bonus, attracting traders who wish to enter the market without any initial investment. The broker, regulated by BVI FSC, provides a user-friendly platform with a comprehensive range of trading instruments. InstaForex also offers competitive spreads, swift execution, and numerous educational resources to empower traders to enhance their skills.


FBS delivers a no deposit bonus between $70 and $140, contingent on whether the trader opens a Level Up account on the website or registers via the app. The broker, regulated by CySEC, features a user-friendly trading platform and various instruments. FBS offers narrow spreads, rapid execution, and exceptional customer support to help traders thrive.

The no deposit bonus is an attractive option for traders seeking to enter the Forex market without risking their own capital. By carefully considering the broker’s reputation, bonus terms and conditions, and overall trading costs, you can decide which bonus best suits your trading needs. For more information and a comprehensive list of the top no deposit bonuses in Malaysia, you can visit the official Traders Union website to further explore these opportunities.