Best No-Code App Builders in 2023

Coding knowledge is not longer required to create an app for Android or iOS because now we have some amazing app makers or app builders. In this article we will share with you the list of best app builder in 2023 which requires no previous knowledge of coding to create an app.


By using Appstylo app maker it is possible to build an app for Android or iPhone in a matter of minutes by following three steps: first, enter the name and purpose of the app; second, add the features the user wants by dragging and dropping them; and third, publish it in the app stores. It is very easy to use and requires no coding skills.


It allows you to create mobile apps without programming, with great flexibility when designing and preconfigured templates. Some of the functionalities that can be added with this tool are push notifications, audio and video, navigation bar or databases, among others. Once finished, it is possible to publish it on Google Play, iTunes or Amazon.


It works with pre-built modules and various layers of customization, and with it the user can access more than a dozen pre-programmed features ranging from an audio player and an email client to a social media feed, among others. The application creation process is very simple, since you only have to fill in a series of forms such as the name or description, and choose the font, color, background image, etc.


Schools and colleges, companies, digital agencies or individuals, anyone can design their own application with the help of this tool. It has more than 1,000 templates and technical support 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. It also has numerous features divided into categories: social, online store, media…


Although it includes the alternative of using templates designed by experts, with this program it is possible to customize an app to the user’s taste using the more than 500 available functions. In addition, it gives the option to add another person to the project by inviting them by email. After launching the app on the market, it can be connected to a wide range of external services such as WordPress, Airtable, SquareSpace…


It has templates and functionalities that fit any need and that allow you to create complete mobile apps without having to program, making it ideal for working with projects, for example, in schools or academies. Its apps offer the possibility of managing users, talking with contacts via chat from the social wall or sending push notifications with personalized messages. In addition, you can integrate useful functions such as a voice recorder to send audio messages, a notepad to save notes within the app, you have the possibility to share PDF documents or review analytical data about the progress of the app and the number of users that use it. use… App Lab

We talked about it when it was presented, in 2016, and it is that App Lab is the tool to create mobile apps in a simple way. Through an editor based on color blocks, similar to those of Scratch, and with a “drag and drop” interface, an app is achieved that runs in a web browser and therefore will be universal, for all operating systems. has included plenty of video tutorials and trial applications so that anyone can learn how to take advantage of this tool.


It is developed by MIT in collaboration with Google and its current version is completely focused on the web: it runs through a browser and allows, through a color block language, to create native mobile apps for Android devices. Given the volume of users it manages (more than 20 million apps created) they offer all kinds of information for both students and teachers, also including discussion forums to debate and talk with other users.


A platform much less known than the previous ones, but with great potential in both education. Completely web-based, it is one of the tools for creating mobile apps that offers more professional results and is also very complete as it allows you to use many of the features of modern smartphones, such as the camera or the methods of location. It features a drag and drop based interface and thunkable color blocks.


Kodular is a tool to create mobile apps of all kinds. Focused on small businesses and entrepreneurs, it will be easy to use in education since its operation is similar to that of the MIT software, only with some additions and additional extensions to offer new possibilities. It exclusively allows apps for Android and has a free model that offers the basics, along with premium subscription models with monthly payments.