Prana – The only Hair-oil You will Ever Need

In the ancient Greek & Roman Era, hair was considered the ultimate symbol of femininity, health, social status, physical strength, virility and wealth. It was a feature that was worth caring for and it still holds the same value. In India, hair oiling is a time-tested common beauty ritual in most households which also reflects maternal bonds within families.

Prana, The Hair Oil by Eutierria is a natural hair oil which is parabens, sulphates and silicon free. It is a rich infusion of carefully chosen finest herbs with wheatgerm and olive oil. Thyme, an exotic herb is infused in Prana to help promote hair growth by stimulating the scalp to prevent hair loss. It makes Prana an ideal anti-hairfall hair oil. It also contains Cedarwood extract which has antifungal & antibacterial properties that reduces hair loss by balancing the oil-producing glands in the scalp and acts like an anti-dandruff hair oil.

The mesmerising Rosemary in the oil, soothes the senses and relaxes the mind & body while it promotes hair growth. Sage Clary is another important ingredient which is full of anti-oxidants which helps restore lost moisture, tames frizz and leaves hair soft, smooth and glossy. It’s a detangler! Tea tree oil is added to the oil to detox hair and scalp by removing toxins and in turn improve blood circulation.

It can also be considered as an ayurvedic hair oil.

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Olives are powerhouses of Vitamin E that add shine to the hair as it smoothens the hair cuticle whereas Wheatgerm adds to strength and elasticity. Prana is the best example of Vitamin E hair oil or Wheatgerm hair oil with many other added benefits.

Prana is an FDA approved organic hair oil, which has the finest ingredients carefully hand-picked to provide balanced nourishment, moisture as well to detox the hair and scalp consequently making the hair healthy, shiny, strong, gorgeous and lustrous. The word Prana essentially means life-giving force, hence the name. It can also be considered as an ayurvedic hair oil.

Greying of Hair:

It is also a major concern in adults in today’s world. Lifestyle choices, pollution and ignorance of personal care are a few reasons for this ever-increasing problem. Prana may not be able to reverse greying but it can definitely provide nourishment to the hair to at least control the issue if not stop it entirely. This in itself is a major victory for people facing this early aging problem. Using Prana (a light hair oil) on a daily basis will in fact create a protective layer over your hair and drastically reduce the impact of pollution on the hair. Prana is a chemical free hair oil that battles chemical impact on your hair. It is a genuine protective gear and a must have for every individual may it be an adult, a teenager or a toddler.

Messge on Hair:

A regular oil massage with Prana Hair oil moisturizes and nourishes hair & scalp which accelerates hair growth by improving blood supply to the roots which in turn strengthens the hair follicles, protects from UV exposure and treats split ends.

Prana hair oil is a one stop solution for all hair related issues. It is suitable for all age groups including children over 6 months. It is in fact an ideal companion for people having curly hair. A unique ‘Certified Green’ product made specifically for everyday use; it should be used in quantities depending on your hair length. Prana hair oil comes in an eco-friendly jute packaging which further accentuates the feel of the product and directly synchronizes with the tag line of the company ‘Euterria – Be one with nature’.

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