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Today’s banking has become a wide range subject due to the involvement of financial discourses. For all your money matters the only station is a bank that can provide you best services to deal with your routine based tasks. For example, if you want to make payments then credit card services can help you to hold your hand. If someone is looking for investment solutions in any sector, again some of the experts from a bank can guide you with the best advice. In short, each and everything related to business and finance come under the roof of a bank.


What are the possible services needed by an account holder and which bank can serve a certain client are the two most important questions ahead. Let me explain each one by one. Come to a straight point that Mashreq fixed Deposit account offers the ideal packages to its customers to plan some savings options. You can choose agency deposit profit rates with a little amount of investment and enjoy your profit. Keep one thing in your mind that these rates are very much cheap than any other bank but you can’t break your FD before time.


A plan must be executed when you have a backup otherwise don’t need to initiate it. The second case would be worst because this is a direct matter of your money or assets. There are long and short term benefits to depositors seeking attractive and Halal returns on their savings. Only Mashreq bank can make you able to play in both ways – either by taking Islamic banking services without any interest rate or conventional banking with a fixed rate depending on the status of a client.


These are completely two different methods in which services and packages vary from customer to customer. Don’t need to work with both and decide earlier which way you want to go. If we talk about a traditional and commercial way of banking it includes the interest rate and there is nothing to work without it. You can skip a priority or need-based service but you can’t avoid an interest rate. So be vigilant before taking any decision and read all the terms and conditions because it may vary from one bank to another.


If you are an expatriate and working in Dubai then Mashreq bank can provide you best offers regarding loan packages. This is a need of the day because you must have to cover your expenses and UAE is much more expensive to live in a salary package. You can approach any branch of this bank to get so many packages with the cheapest interest rates. But on the other side, the picture is completely different as the Islamic way of banking is complete without interest rate. This is another way to use any private bank. There is a big question in front of you now that if Islamic is interest-free how banks meet their financial needs and requirements? Let me explain this through the following points:


  • Simple as Islamic banking provides you to share the same space when it comes to dealing with the profit and loss phenomenon. Possible in a contract like an Islamic mortgage loan or an investment plan, there would be two stakeholders. It means that a customer taking the Islamic banking services in Dubai wouldn’t claim to get profit with 100% surety. But yes chances are high because of stable economic conditions. Always keep one thing in your mind that the outcome will be shared by both parties which include – a bank and a customer.
  • With a history of high-profit ratio, Dubai Islamic banks provide some best offers and that’s the reason for their popularity among international traders and investors. Come to the mina point that is related to loan packages. You can get the cheapest rates which are an excellent investment vehicle for depositors with excess funds. While on the other hand bank would be able to provide the loan offers.
  • he eligibility criteria for getting a loan is a bit similar to conventional banking in which the credit history of a client is really important. If you are working with a great responsibility for your banking tasks, for sure you would have an excellent repute so lenders will be agreed to entertain you on your terms. While on the other hand some of the account holders would have to face disappointment because they are not able to provide strong credit history. Either they have remained in late payments or would have possessed some outstanding balance.


Several other benefits are available in the form of Personal loans without collateral in the Emirates. As we know the majority of the international investors prefer to have accounting Dubai banks so the loan isn’t a big issue for banks. By investing in the Mashreq bank for Islamic Fixed Deposit Account, the depositors can get maximum benefits because of maximum chances of profit. Once you have a banking record in a bank in Dubai, you will automatically be grounded into a serious account holder. To invest funds based on best-fixed deposit rates according to the principles of Sharia is another debate.


Whether you are trying to work for your investment plan or looking for some sort of loan package, the only way is through Mashreq Bank with the lowest rate. We all know that majority of the account holders in UAE belong with a tag of expatriates, so they could get some attractive offers and save a lot with smart moves. We would prefer you all to work for your local residence issues with priority and this bank is famous to deal with this thing for so long.




Dubai banks are highly professional and working following international standards for all kinds of services. You can get the best rates, especially mortgage loans to get a better way of settlement in the local area. if you could manage your own home using mortgage loan offers through Dubai banks, I would say this would be the best gift from your side to your next generations.