Best Mouse Grip for Big Hands?

Are you having a hard time adjusting to the Tech world of normal hands? Does it make you feel like Gulliver when you use a mouse that’s too small for your hands?

Well, buckle up because we are here to help you choose the perfect mouse for your large hands. It’s okay to have large hands. What’s not okay is to get punished for them. 

Well, we won’t let that happen. In this post, you’ll find out how you can choose the best mouse for your large hands and which griping style is better for you.

Factors to Consider? 

So we have listed some factors to consider when you find yourself the perfect computer mouse for big hands.

Let’s dig in.

Mouse Size

The first thing that we’ll look for is the size of the mouse. Now the question is, how will you know that this specific mice piece is perfect for your hands. 

You are going to look for a mouse with a comparatively large size and a contoured body. So it’s easier to handle.

Through the table below, you can easily determine the size of your mouse.

Length of HandsMouse Size
Less than 17 cmSmall
17-19 cmMedium
19 – 22 cmLarge
Above 22 cmExtra Large

Tip To Measure Palm Size: Measure your palm from the tip of your middle finger to the first crease of your wrist.

You should look for ergonomic mice to fit like a glove ( not literally, of course). These mice are designed to fit the human hand. These mice are designed to be operated at a natural resting position of a human palm.

Mouse Control 

It’s a standard protocol to choose a mouse according to your needs. 

Some mice are custom-made for gaming purposes, and some work great at managing regular PC tasks.

If you use your mice for higher resolution displays, we suggest getting a mouse with a higher DPI.

If you are looking for gaming mice, then look for the ones with customizable DPI controls. The ones with lower DPI’s are easier to control, but with some games, you’ll need the ones with Higher DPI. 

If you are a computer artist, then we would recommend using a low DPI mouse.

Mouse Comfort

Comfort is always the main concern of an avid computer user. Ergonomic mice are designed for heavy users as they are designed for a natural palm picture hence comfortable to use.

Different Grip Styles: 

So there are three types of grip styles going around in the PC club

  1. Palm Grip Style: 

In Palm Grip style, the mouse is overrated by the palm mostly. Your palm will be resting upon the mouse body and fingers operating the buttons and scroll.  The Mouse is held by the palm and fingers. This Mouse Grip Style is best for people with larger hands.

In Palm grip, the mouse can be easily slid from side to side without moving your wrist much and thus making it more comfortable than other styles.

If you are into gaming, these palm grip mice would work best for you.

2. Fingertips Grip Style:

As the name suggests, in Finger grip style Mouse is held by fingers only and the palm rests on the desk. The mouse usually comes with a protruded front part to rest under your thumb. This Mouse Grip Style is mostly used for quick movements of the cursor when playing games or drawing lines quickly in Photoshop.

But at the same time your wrist will move a bit from side to side leading to pain after long hours of usage. And also it’s not good for people with smaller hands as Mouse is held in fingers only.

3. Claw Grip Style:

In Claw Mouse grip style, Mouse is supported between the thumb and index finger with your palm resting on the desk just like in Palm grip style but again, unlike Palm Grip mouse will not be moving much from side to side due to this reason it’s mostly used by gamers for quick movements of Mouse.

This Mouse Grip Style gives the most comfortable feel as compared to other styles and is also good for people with smaller hands. And it’s best suited for those who spend more time surfing, blogging or playing games etc.

What Mouse Grip would Suit a person with Big hands?

Having large hands can be exhausting while adjusting to the world of small hands.

Especially while using a computer mouse, it is hard to figure out what grip style to adopt to enter the comfort zone.

So, if you are using an ergonomic mouse, you don’t have to worry about the grip style because there is only one way to use that kind of mouse.

If you are using a regular mouse with large hands, we would suggest using the fingertip grip style.

In fingertip Grip style, you’ll be operating the mouse with your fingertips only, and the mouse will involve no use of the palm. This grip style is best for large hands as it involves movement in all directions with the least tension but keeping note that it depends mostly on wrist movement, not arms.

You may also like to test your mouse clicking skills using different holding grips mentioned above. A faster clicking speed enables to enhance your mouse experience especially when you are a pro gamer or IT related personnel and tend to use mouse for hours. Cps Test is a great site with various tools to test your mouse tapping skill online.

The best part is you can run your test using different timers which consist 1 Seconds to 100 Seconds. Additionally you will find your hitting speed in terms of Clicks per Seconds i.e. how many clicks you’ve performed in a second. This technique is well known by the name of CPS TEST (clicks per second test).

This is a great way to test your mouse functionalities as well as mouse handling experience. IMO, you must give it a shot.


Now you know how to find the perfect mouse for your exceptionally large hands. With going through all these factors, we believe that you’ll find yourself a perfect PC hand.

Mouse grip is an important consideration for people with large hands. Mouse size can make a big difference in comfort and dexterity when you’re on the computer all day long.

The three main mouse grips are palm, fingertip, and claw. If your hand is larger than average, and the mouse is of small size, a claw grip would work best for you. The palm grip is more suitable if the mouse is large enough to make full contact with the palm and the fingers don’t extend beyond the clicks.