Mountain bikes are becoming more popular in India. Don’t worry if you’re shopping for a mountain bike but aren’t sure which one to choose. We’ll look at the best Mountain bike brands in India.

Mountain bikes in India are built to last and are designed for use on rough roads, trails, and terrain.

Before making a purchase, a buyer needs to consider several aspects, but you won’t have to worry when the Cycling Guru is on your side. A good bike will give you a fun time riding, and relaxing mountain biking builds confidence.

Based on extensive testing and research, we’ve compiled a list of India’s best mountain bike brands.

Let’s get this celebration started, shall we?



The company was founded in Ludhiana, Punjab, in 1956. If you have a restricted budget, you should get a Hero bike.

Hero bicycles come in single-speed and multi-speed versions. Mountain bikes, city bikes, and electric bicycles are all manufactured by Hero Cycles. This bike is a single-speed mountain bike. This is a beginner’s bicycle price. Anyone above the age of 15 should ride this bike.

Many light reflectors enhance nighttime visibility, and a comfortable riding posture is ensured with an adjustable PU seat.

Both wheels have a robust suspension system. This bike is ideal for getting about town. Its outstanding attributes make it one of India’s top mountain bikes.


Triad solely sells bicycles referred to as “fat bikes,” “mountain bikes,” “electric bikes,” and “city bikes” via their website. This cycle has an assembly success rate of 99 per cent. The only thing the customers need is to have their pedals put in.

There are 21 gears available on the Shimano Tourney Triad M1 26T bicycle. According to a variety of customers, including those that I had the opportunity to speak with, the quality of its construction cannot be questioned in any way.

You won’t experience any bumps on the road because of its sturdiness and longevity. The Triad M1 is a mountain bike that can be ridden successfully by inexperienced riders and seasoned veterans alike.

Urban Terrain

Bicycles designed for urban environments are noted for their excellent quality, ease of use, and efficiency. This firm specialises in producing city and mountain bikes.

This mountain bike will serve you well whether you are a novice or a seasoned rider.

The Urban Terrain UT6000 comes with Shimano gears with 21 speeds (7 X 3). (seven times three). It has high-quality double disc brakes on both the front and rear wheels, ensuring a sturdy and rapid stop in an emergency.

Another advantage of utilising Urban Terrain is using the OneFitPlus App to monitor your cycling performance in real-time. Apart from that, this app offers many cool features, such as showing your current pace, time, distance, and calories burnt.

Leader Cycle

One of the most well-known bicycle brands in India is called Leader Cycle. In 1977, Jindals created it in the city of Ludhiana. In the beginning, the company only manufactured various components for bicycles, but they have since extended their offerings to include whole bikes and their parts.

The bicycle’s firm suspension and high-grip tyres may increase traction on the road or across uneven terrain.

Our mountain bike is the second least expensive option for riding in this article. Long-distance riding is made more comfortable thanks to the high-grip handlebar, the adjustable saddle, and the solid steel frame of this bicycle.


In 1951, Hercules was the first company that made mountain bikes in India to produce a bicycle. Hercules bicycles are the most popular choice among bikers. It is now considered one of the most well-known bicycle brands in India. The Hercules Turbodrive Rocky 3.0 26T MTB is an excellent choice for riders of all skill levels, from novices to seasoned veterans.

All riders will enjoy a ride that is both comfortable and supportive, thanks to the 26-inch wheels and the 19-inch frame. The purpose of this initiative is to improve the safety of vehicular travel.

Wheels of excellent quality supply excellent traction on the road, and the user’s comfort is maintained with a seat that can be adjusted to their liking. This mountain bike provides the most bang for the buck in its overall performance.


The Composition of the Frame

The frame material is crucial when choosing any bicycle. Aluminium, carbon fibre, titanium, and steel are the four materials used to make mountain bike frames. Choose a bike with a sturdy frame.

Dimensions of the Wheel

Wheel size is another crucial thing to consider while looking for the best mountain bike brands in India. Wheel sizes vary from 24 to 27.5 inches, with 29 to 34 inches most common. This is what allows a bicycle to go quickly and gracefully.

Types of Mountain Bike Gear

Depending on the terrain you intend to ride on, you’ll need various gear. You can ride a single-speed bicycle if your route is not too difficult. The budget for the most refined mountain bike gear bicycle has to be increased.

Type of Suspension

There are three types of bicycle suspension: rigid, hardtail, and full suspension. A mountain bike with suspension is required for riding on rugged terrain or uneven roads. A mountain bike purchased for everyday use on city streets, on the other hand, does not need a specific suspension type.

Mountain Bike Producers

Mountain bikes cycle model price come in a wide range of brands. Only select brands that are within your budget and provide outstanding after-sales support.

Design of Brakes

Disc brakes and rim brakes are the two types of brakes found on mountain bikes in India. Most motorcycle riders prefer disc brakes since they enable us to stop at any time. You may make your choice based on your preferences.


In addition to features and functionality, a person’s budget is a crucial issue. Mountain bikes cycle model price are a little more costly than city bikes. It costs between Rs. 5,000 and Rs. 10,000. Depending on your budget and requirements, you may choose the best option.

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