Best motherboards for your gaming PC

As a gamer, one of the greatest satisfactions you can experience is assembling your own gaming PC in pieces.

Nowadays it is quite an easy and rewarding task within DIY fashion (Do IT Yourself “do it yourself”). In addition you can mount the PC as and save money .

How do we choose?

Motherboards, like  and those  , are key pieces of our computers and many are unaware of their existence and what they really offer. The difficulty in choosing one is that there are many models.

In order to know what to pay attention to when buying one of these products, it is important to identify the criteria based on which it can be judged:

The format : Most use an ATX format, which requires larger packages, but they are faster and have more PCI-Express ports and more memory card space, as well asmedium-sized Micro-ATX . Motherboards Mini-ITX is the smallest and often the most expensive. They are great for a small gaming PC, but they have fewer PCI ports and less room for RAM.

The chipset: this is the main element of a motherboard. It will control the flow of data between the microprocessor and the other elements that make up the motherboard. Therefore, a good chipset offers more functions. It will have an influence on the performance of the processor. The best ones will often come from AMD and Intel, which will offer a different number of ports. 

Connectivity – You need to check how many RAM ports are included and how fast they can go. There’s no point buying a DDR4 if you can’t run it full throttle on your motherboard. Better buy a motherboard that has a connector adapted to the hard drive you want to install.

Compatibility: Processors evolve and motherboards follow the same curve, modernizing to accommodate next-generation processors. Therefore, it is better to pay attention to the type of CPU you have to choose a motherboard compatible with the latter.

The cooling system allows cooling the elements that have too high temperatures. This is usually the case with overclocking, which is a process that aims to exceed the CPU clock frequency, which tends to overheat this component and this is where fans step in to counter this.

By looking at tests conducted on the Internet, by looking at the technical sheet of all products, by reading the opinions of French and English-speaking Internet users, and by ensuring the legitimacy of these comments, we were able to extract the best motherboards of the moment.

What should you keep in mind when buying the best PC gaming motherboards? 

✔️ Processor

One of the most important things to consider when buying a gaming motherboard is the processor that you are going to install.

If you are installing an AMD processor , most Ryzen (AMD) processors are unlocked as standard in order to overclock and improve performance.

If the processor to be installed is from Intel, the most common is that it is also necessary to change the motherboard (the sockets are not usually the same). If they are the same, you will have to download a BIOS update from the manufacturer’s website.

✔️ Chipset

The chipset is another essential element to take into account when buying one of the best motherboards for your gaming PC.

The chipset indicates if the processor is compatible with the chosen motherboard.

The main function is to act as a “ HUB ” and a control center with the rest of the PC components .

To know exactly the compatibility of the chosen motherboard with your processor, it is best to check it on the manufacturer’s official website.

Especially if it is a processor with several years in the market, the new last generation processors are compatible with most of the motherboards for gaming.

✔️ RAM memory

In addition to having a RAM memory compatible with the motherboard (remember that it must be connected to the motherboard), it is important that the RAM is good and powerful, especially in demanding gaming games.

If you don’t have a RAM memory for your PC yet , take a look at the best RAM memories for PC gaming.

✔️ Cooling system 

It is important that the cooling system is powerful, either by a liquid or traditional cooling system. All components of the computer must be balanced so that it does not affect the overall performance of the Final Desktop.

It will be useless to have a powerful motherboard and powerful graphics card without a good cooling system.

✔ Processor socket

The socket (shocket) of the processor is soldered on the motherboard to connect all the circuits to each other.

In general terms, we can say that there are basically three types of chip sockets.


This type of connection is made through metal pins distributed by the CPU. These pins fit into the socket holes with the same diameter as the pins.


The connection is made by means of small circular casings that are placed in the socket. These connections fit with the holes in the CPU and are fixed by soldering them.


This type of socket is one of the most common in gaming motherboards. In this type of socket, the connection is made by means of contact surfaces that fit between the CPU and the sockets.

✔ Extras

There are motherboards in which high-quality audio systems and other extras can be integrated.

This does not necessarily imply that the motherboard is good, in cases where the motherboards usually cost less than € 100, the sound quality and the integrated extras usually leave a lot to be desired, in these cases, it is better to buy a motherboard that does its job and a quality sound card apart.

The best motherboards on the market, whether from ASUS or MSI, do integrate quality solutions, with which you could even consider not buying a separate sound card.