Best Motherboards for i7-10700K

We’ve put up a list of nearly every excellent i7 10700K motherboards, ranging in size from ATX to Mini-ITX. All of these will ensure that the i7-performance 10700k’s is not stifled and that you get the most out of the processor. The processor’s overclocking capabilities and sufficient VRMs allow you to play the most recent and amazing AAA titles such as CyberPunk 2077. All of these games are processor-intensive, with 70-100 percent use. To minimise data transfer times and screen loading times when gaming, your motherboard should be able to handle enough M.2 SSDs with PCI 4.0. Keep in mind these are old motherboards, for newer, check something like Motherboards For i5-12600k


Despite its little size, the GIGABYTE Z490I AORUS Ultra is a powerhouse with the ability to attach up to four PWM fans to the motherboard. There’s one PCIe x16 slot for a high-end GPU and two memory slots that can accommodate up to 64GB of RAM at 5000 MHz. The motherboard is protected from contact with the chassis by a backplate. An ARGB and a normal 12V RGB can both be connected to the motherboard. The considerable heat sink assembly connects the VRMs to the chipset through a heat pipe, which is then linked to huge aluminum-based heat sinks. The M.2 slots are found on both the front and rear of the device. A heatsink for the front M.2 slot is also included on the motherboard.

2. ASUS Prime Z490M-PLUS

It boasts excellent thermal performance as well as being the finest motherboard for the 10700k. Under steady-state circumstances, it maintains a temperature of 50°C during the stress test. It can operate a Core i7-10700K CPU at 5.2 GHz and 1.35V while maintaining a temperature of 90 degrees Celsius. The ASUS Prime Z490M-PLUS is a decent motherboard for overclocking to the maximum frequencies for its Micro-ATX mobo category, according to most test benches. It contains a dedicated layer for audio signals, which ensures a noise-free music or gaming experience. The Realtek® ALC887 8-Channel HD Audio CODEC allows for pin-point accuracy.

3. MSI MPG Z490 Gaming Edge WiFi

This motherboard is distinguished from its cousin by the presence of a pre-installed WiFi module. Bluetooth 5.1 adds the ability to connect high-end Bluetooth audio devices and peripherals to the mix. At the rear panel, there’s a dedicated ASMedia chip for USB 3.2 Gen 2, 20Gbps Type-C communication. It also includes a PS/2 port for severe overclockers who want to use Windows XP. It may boost your RAM to one of the fastest memory clock rates of 5000MHz, ensuring that your best motherboard for i7-10700k meets all of your needs.


Under overclocked conditions, it can handle RAM rates of up to 4800 MHz. Among our gaming motherboards, it has the finest cooling system and might be considered the best enthusiast motherboard for the i7-10700K. Because of the increased demand for wireless devices, the motherboard features the newest WiFi-6 and Bluetooth 5.1, which is the greatest combo for seeking for a future-proof setup.