Why Invest in the Best Modular Operation Theatre (OT)

In India, modular operation theatre (MOT) is not very popular despite having the technology available for over a decade. But the demands are steadily growing. The modular OT is aimed at reducing cost, providing more space for patient care facilities and reduction in capital investment to acquire this modern facility.

What is Modular Operation Theatre (OTs)?

The modular OT is a pre-fabricated, modular operating theatre suite assembled in the private and multi-specialty hospital premises for undergoing a patient operation. This facility started gaining popularity around a decade ago and has the potential to be an ideal solution for hospitals looking forward to modernizing their surgical services.

The way people meet their medical needs has changed with changing times. Advanced technology and better healthcare facilities have not only made recovery a lot easier but also helped the patient survive even in critical situations.

Surgery procedures are becoming more modular; not just because of advanced techniques but also due to modular OTs that allow surgeons to go mobile for surgeries.

Modular Operation Theater Design Play a Vital Parts

The modular operation theatre is the latest in the field of technology and modern surgery. It uses state-of-art robotic systems to provide a reliable and stable workstation for performing surgeries.

The modular design facilitates quick sequence changes, which reduces operative time and gives surgeons optimum control during Anastomosis (connection) procedures.

An operating room is a sterile environment where physicians and medical staff treat patients with surgery. A modular operation theatre consists of robotic systems attached to the surgeon through an endoscopic procedure.

It provides several advantages such as quick sequence changes during surgeries, optimal control over instruments during Anastomosis (connection) procedures, minimal invasion and fast recovery times for patients.


Which machines used in operation theatre?

There are several machines based on complications of surgery. Machines which are commonly used is listed below:

  • Anesthesia machine
  • Infusion pump
  • Surgical Lamp Light
  • Patient monitor
  • Surgical table bed
  • Pendant
  • Defibrillator,
  • ECG Machine,
  • Electrosurgical Unit

The Rise in Demand of NABH Guidelines Modular OTs

These modular OTs have become very popular not only because of their modularity but also due to the fact that they are not just mobile, but bring added features and functions with them. Their large storage capacity is another reason for their increased demand.

It comes equipped with all the necessary equipment and accessories required to carry out a surgery. The modular OTs have everything from surgical lighting, mounting points for modular monitors, modular drip stands to modular consoles.

Benefits of Modular OTs

The modular OTs are easy to move and do not require a big space either inside or outside the hospital premises. Generally used where advanced medical facilities is not available; thus increasing patient access to quality healthcare. The modular OTs comprising of modular consoles and modular drip stands can easily be shifted from one place to another.

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