Best methods to clean vinyl flooring

As we all know, vinyl flooring is a durable as well as waterproof option. Moreover, it has good resistance to stains and scuffs. But, most often, people tend to use the wrong cleaning tools for cleaning vinyl. Because they usually think that there is no specific tool. Well, it does not mean at all that there is nothing to clean vinyl. 

There are two methods to clean vinyl flooring 

  • Light cleaning 
  • Deep cleaning 

Light cleaning

Light cleaning mainly involves daily or weekly cleaning. Moreover, it mainly depends on the nature of the house, i.e., either it’s less busy or busier. For light cleaning, you can use a mop, cloth, or vacuum. 

Deep Cleaning

You might execute a complete cleaning weekly or monthly, depending on how busy your place is. Typically, this will comprise sweeping or brushing, followed by mopping. It’s worth noting that, though vinyl is waterproof, it’s not impervious. As a result, mopping should only be done as required.

Moping can affect the finishes. Moreover, it can also affect the glue. So, some water can enter the floor. Because of regular moping, the glue will be affected. Also, it will damage the look and finish as well. 

Again, using a special cleaner is always a good option. Mostly, it is for protecting the finish. No doubt dish soap is a good idea. However, it leaves some witnesses on the floor. So, it’s always better to rine the floor. 

After wet mopping, clean the floor with a dry towel. Indeed this is a perfect idea to clean the stains or any leftovers on the floor. 

Clean methods for vinyl flooring 

Suppose you are aware of the cleaning tools along with the products. Now it’s time to clean the vinyl flooring. Forgiving a deep clean, you don’t need anything expensive. However, it would help if you had dish soap, vinegar, and baking soda. Moreover, you can also use jojoba oil. This is great to deal with dirt and dust. 

 Step #1Remove dust and dirt

If you want clean flooring with no scratches, you must remove dust and grime. For example, when shoes drag refined grains of dirt or tiny rocks inside, they can produce slight scratches while walking on. To keep filth and dust away, regularly sweeping in high-traffic areas is always advised.

Step #2 Vacuum settings

Never apply vacuum with high pressure. Remove the beater bars. Make sure that you are using the settings for the floor and not for the carpet.

 Step #3 Choose a cleaner for vinyl flooring 

Choose which cleaning you want to use before you start cleaning. We advise using a mild cleanser like apple cider vinegar for daily short cleaning sessions. This effectively cleans the floor without removing the polish.

Dish soap is also good at reducing grime and grease. To avoid wear on the finish, I prefer this only once in a while. Add a few scoops of apple cider vinegar, or mix it with some clean water. Now apply it. Let it stay or clean immediately with a clean cloth. 

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Step #4 Mop

Keep in mind; we only have to use a little water. Though vinyl is waterproof. But, still, it is nonporous. So indeed, it’s not waterproof at all. 

Mop the floor in detail. For this, start from the last part of the room and move towards the exit. Indeed this will help you in getting rid of all the dirt. Well, all vinyl is not the same. Along with the quality, vinyl flooring also varies in texture. The texture is not easy to clean. Because of the bright texture, dust is always visible. So, such floors need more attention as compared to simple floors. 

Step #5 Rinse

After you have completed the moping, now it’s time to rinse the floor; for this reason, it is suggested that you must do it. Never skip this step. Either this cleaner needs this or not. No doubt it’s possible that you may find some sticky films or leftovers on the floor. After you have done moping. Take a bucket and add some warm water to it. For this purpose, you can take a tiny amount of water and using a cloth—this process is immediate. However, make sure that the cloth is clean. Indeed this is a better idea to clean the floor. 

 Step #6 Scrubbing

vinyl plank flooring stores always advise for any tough stain or mark, you can use a nylon brush. Use the brush and rub it back and forth. You can also apply a stain cleaner. Such as baking soda. For this purpose, prepare a paste and rub it on the stain. However, never apply any steel sponge over the surface. This will affect the finish of the floor. 


By now, you have a clear idea of how you can clean vinyl flooring. However, you can follow both deep and light cleaning methods. Moreover, cleaning mainly depends on the traffic of the area. So, follow these steps and clean the floor. Indeed it will help you in maintaining the looks and flair of the floor