Best MDA Approved Societies in Karachi

Malir Development Authority (MDA)

It was established in 1993 by the Government of Sindh, Malir Development authority is established to provide low-cost housing, catering to people’s socio-economic needs and engaging them in economic activities. Over 120,000 residential plots fall under MDA. It has been divided into the following 4 schemes.

New Malir housing scheme 1

Planned for 4000 acres located in the Eastern part of Karachi, the New Malir housing scheme is set to accommodate around 1 million people. It conveniently connects with the national highway and will be accessible via the Malir expressway in the future. Located in the heart of Bin Qasim industrial zone; Steel mill, education city new economic and commercial hub are nearby well-known establishments. At the moment sector II is a good investment opportunity in 100, 200, and 400 square yard plots. Ground plus 1 construction is allowed on a residential plot. A general idea rate of a 100-yard plot is +15lac, the 200-yard plot is +25lac and 400-yard plot is +45lac. It is an open lease, a loan can also be applied through the government initiative of ‘Naya Housing Pakistan Scheme’ for the construction of housing.

Shah Latif town scheme 25A

This is still a low developed area that lacks infrastructure facilities despite being largely populated. It covers about 2700 acres located on the national highway adjacent to bhains colony. It is planned to provide low-cost accommodation to about 1 million people. Export processing zone and Landhi industrial area nearby well-known establishment. This scheme is fit for people who are willing to go for long-term investment.

Taiser Town

Comprising of 20,500 acres of land located in the North-East of Karachi city, Taiser town is the true deal for the lower and middle class. A large portion of Northern bypass passes through Taiser town making it an important zone in the future. Despite being located on Northern Bypass, Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, Banks, etc. are all in comfortable access. It is a good long-term investment in the undeveloped sectors as well as a short-term investment in developed sectors of the scheme. Taiser town plots for sale!!!  In the phase 1 of Taiser Town the Current value of 80 square-yard plot is from 400,000 to 800,000 in different sectors, 120 square-yard ranges from 12 lac to 18 lac, 240 square-yard ranges from 15 lac to 17 lac (on large road) and 25 lac – 30 lac (on smaller roads), 400 square-yard ranges from 25 lac to 30 lac (on large road) and 40 lac to 50 lac (on smaller roads). While in Taiser Town phase 2 the price of 80 square yards is from 200,000 to 300,000. Good news for potential investors in Taiser Town Phase 1; MDA is now allowing transfer and possession of the plot simultaneously which means the buyer doesn’t have to apply for transfer first and then reapply for possession, whereas possession for Taiser town phase 2 has not been opened yet.

Master program scheme.

To be constructed on the superhighway, Master program scheme is a long-term project on the MDA agenda. So far no work has been done on this scheme.