Best Lizard Repellent Remedies from Domestic and Commercial Products

Lizards are the reptiles found across the world. The lizards we see at our home and offices belong to a group of squamate reptiles that have over 6000 species. Many people largely dependent on lizard control services since they don’t really know what works to repel these reptiles.

Lizards usually have four legs but there are some lizards without legs that perform locomotion using their quadrate bone just like snakes. These reptiles are cold-blooded with lengthy tail. These are of distinct colors and sizes. The lizards can be as long as three meters. You have Herpetophobia if you fear of reptiles. This phobia includes all the reptiles like snakes, lizards, and crocodiles. Lizards are harmless unless you encounter species like Gila monster and Mexican Beaded Lizard. Both of these species of lizards are venomous.

Lizards in your garden can be a helpful predator which eats all insects and pests. So, if you see one or multiple of them in your garden, let them maintain its good health. However, if they enter to your house through opened window or door, you can try these simple tricks & get rid of them-

  1. Use coffee and tobacco

Using coffee with tobacco together is an effective way to kill the lizards. You can finely mix and amalgamate the coffee powder in tobacco and prepare balls out of them. You put these balls at the spots where lizards are most active or points of entry. This trick will either make lizards run away or they may die.

  1. Naphthalene balls

Naphthalene balls or mothballs work best for repelling lizards. You can put naphthalene balls in your wardrobe, cabinets, corners of the house, entry points or kitchen sink area.

  1. Peacock feather

The simplest and oldest trick to keep lizards away is use of peacock feather. Every home in India uses this trick to keep lizards away from certain areas of their home. This remedy works as the peacocks eat the lizards and feather of peacock may scare the lizards and they run away.

  1. Pepper spray

Lizards hate pepper. They are allergic to pepper and so you can prepare a DIY pepper spray that may cause irritation to lizards and they stay away. You can mix some crushed black pepper with water and spray the entire house. Any hidden lizard will gradually run away after this.

  1. Ice cold water

Cold water makes lizard stiff for a while. The lizards stop moving for a few minutes when you throw chill water on them. When they are immobile, you can catch them and throw away.

  1. Flypapers

Flypapers are popular products as these are used by many different people for same purpose – to catch the flies. However, you can use the same paper to catch lizards. You can place the fly paper on the tube light corner and entry zone of the lizard. When lizard hits the fly paper, it will get stick and then you can throw away the paper along with the lizard.

  1. Onion

Onions make you cry, but it irritates lizards more. Lizards are intolerant to pungent smell of onion. You can cut the onion into slices and put them in the suspected areas from where lizards enter. The sulfur content of the onion produces the bad smell and make the lizards go away. Another alternate trick is to prepare onion juice and mix it in water and put the solution in spray bottle. Now use the spray across the house.

  1. Eggshells

Odor coming from the eggshell will make lizards assume that there may be another organism present in the area and they will run. You can place the eggshells at the hotspot areas where lizards are seen most of the time.

  1. Garlic

Just like onion, garlic is also known for its pungent flavor and smell. Lizards hate that too! You can place some garlic cloves in the entry or areas where lizards are active. For better results, grind some garlic and mix with water to prepare a spray solution. Use this spray in lizard infested areas.

Other preventive measure issued by professional lizard control services

  • Maintain hygiene and clean your house. You can use anti-bacterial floor sanitizer to clean and mop the floor of house and windows and walls.
  • Lizards love bright places with lots of light. You should turn off the lights when you are not using them.
  • You can use mosquito net on the door so that your house become prey-free and lizard will eventually leave.
  • Seal all small cracks and holes you found in the walls or ceilings to prevent lizard entrance.
  • Avoid food spillage and drinks over floor
  • Never keep your doors and windows open for longer hours.
  • Always empty the trash after it gets full.
  • Fix the water stagnation issue. It may attract lizards.