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Introduction car lights: The car belongs to any company. If you have a car and anyone in your house wants to learn the car. So first it is necessary to pass the drawing test. Some people are not fully aware of car lights. Unfortunately, many drivers forget these skills after passing the test. This not only endangers their lives but also the lives of motorcyclists.

Best car lights: If you have passed the driver’s test and still do not know how to use the lights in the car. So your search ends here. Today we will provide information about car lights and how you can choose the lights in your car. Different lights are installed in cars and other vehicles. Each light serves a specific purpose. Lights are seen as inexpensive and cheap cars. But you worry about what kind of lights we should choose.
Types of car lights: It is very important to use the right lights at the right time. Accidents can happen when you use the wrong lights. Here our team of the auto secret has mentioned some car type. You need to be familiar with them while driving.

• 2.Halogen Lights
• 3.Xenon / HID Lights
• 4.LED Lights
• 5.Matrix Lights
• 6.Laser Lights
• 7.Tail Lights
• 8.Break Lights

1.Headlights:It is very important for you to know about headlights. There are usually two types. Low beam and high beam. Now you may be wondering which of these to use, I suggest you use a low beam .This light helps the driver to see the road in the dark. It also lets other motorcyclists know that there is a car here. And high beam is used when you can’t see the car from the front.
2.Halogen Lights :Nowadays the use of these lights is being greatly reduced. Because this light was very cheap and used in old cars. These lights are less visible in new cars. This light is blue and consumes more electricity. To learn more about this see an example from which you can know more.
3.Xenon / HID Lights:This light is like a light bulb in our house. It provides low heat.
• Generate less heat
• Consume low power
• Moderate low eficiency
• Moderate life
• Low cost
• Low light Range ( 200- 250 MT)

4.LED Lights :Nowadays most companies are using LED lights. Because it is white. And it also looks quite beautiful. Most people also use LED lights in their old cars to make them look good.
• Fast operating time
• Multiple colors
• Flexible shape
• Looks good
• Moderate high cost
• Light range (300 MT)
5.Matrix Lights
:This light is also like LED. It is also a bit more expensive than other lights. And used in more expensive cars.
• Fast operation system
• High eficiency
• Flexible shape
• Look good
• High cost
• Light range ( 300 – 350 MT)
6.Laser Lights :
These lights are rarely seen because a common man cannot fit them in old cars. It is quite expensive and bright light.
• Fast operation system
• High eficiency
• Multiple color
• Looks good
• Expensive
• Light range ( 600 MT)
7.Tail Lights :
This light is considered very beneficial. This light helps the driver traveling behind you to recognize where you are and how far you are.
8.Brake Lights:This light indicates to other drivers that you are now slowing down or stopping. This light turns on when you apply the brakes. Indoor lights are also used in the car. As the lights are used with the music. And you can buy gear with lights. And you can make your car beautiful. If you want to buy any car parts, you can buy online. There are plenty of things we can’t find in the market. You can buy online where the regular company is tagged and they have their own responsibility.
Car lights symbol :To find out more about car lights, we can resort to symbols. Also with the help of Fog light you can see the road ahead of you in rain and wind or fog or other conditions. Yellow lights are used in more fog. This light provides light to keep you safe on the road.
Conclusion:Today we have to learn about the different lights used in the car . Which lights are for what purpose? Hope you can now choose custom lights for your car. 

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