Best Laptops for Programming Students in 2020

It is said that when you have better tools to work with, you will not only do your work with great interest, but also quality delivered will be high standards. This statement is not only true with hardware related jobs but also when you are in coding, and if you are a student, even then you need something, that not only helps the code to compile faster but also supports the experimenting mind. So if you are a student, and looking for a good laptop that would support your programming instincts, then we would like to lend you some help by presenting to you the List of Best Programming Laptops for students in 2020:

  1. Microsoft Surface Pro X: It is basically a tablet that can be used as a laptop. It has a perfectly slim body which provides enough storage that ranges from 128GB to 512GB. This variation can also lead to the variation in its price range. It weighs around 1.7 pounds with the keyboard, it becomes more portable as it is touch screen enabled and you can also work with a surface pen. If you are an extensive user and looking for a great battery life, then Microsoft Surface Pro X might disappoint you, because its battery life is only 7 hours. Another problem is that it has lately seen some issues with 64 bit x86 programs.
  2. Apple MacBook Air: this is just like any other Apple product, a rage amongst users. Well one reason to say that, it is highly reliable and performs much better on hardware than what one might expect from seeing its hardware specifications. It has a magnificent battery life of 10 hours with extensive usage included. It is only 15mm thick. Hence, it is also lightweight, which makes it portable. It has SSD storage that ranges from 124GB to 1TB and a beefy memory of 8GB. What might concern a programming student while using this MacBook is that MacOS which is present in this Air Book is less compatible to programs as compared to Windows OS. So you might have to be very particular about the programs that you might want to run.
  3. Huawei MateBook 13: powered with a CPU of Intel Core i5-i7 processor and a magnum opus memory of 8GB and it weighs just around 2.8lbs. It runs on the Windows 10 Operating System. With some impressive specifications it is priced in a way that might suit your pocket. It is widely available in all parts of the world. It has a no-compromise on a high resolution screen. It is an ideal laptop for any student who loves coding. It also has 1 year of manufacturer warranty.
  4. LG Gram”: Another one in our list of best laptops for programming students of 2020. Encapsulated with CPU of Intel Core i7-8565U, Graphics Card of Intel Graphics UHD 620, RAM of 16GB and storage of 512GB SSD and Windows 10 Home operating system. The device’s body is made up of magnesium –alloy and hence weighs around 2.95lbs. The screen is IPS WXGA, which is so magnificent that no words are enough to describe its beauty. It is an enormously powerful device which provides an environment for Integrated Programme Development.
  5. HP Spectre x360 15T: this laptop is a bit different from the earlier laptops of our list because it is not a lightweight laptop but an immensely powerful laptop. It has a magnanimous 15 inch 4k display. It is powered with CPU of 9th Generation Intel Core i7 processor sporting 6-cores. It has Graphics Card that is built-in NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650. It is powerhouse for power users. This laptop is ideal if you are coding a game. In many aspects this laptop is better option against MacBook. Another impressive feature is that it is Touchscreen enabled and also turn-able. It has a battery life of 7 hours too if you are watching HD videos. Though, as we mentioned above it weighs around 5 pounds, but with all those extraordinary specifications, this laptop is still reasonably priced.
  6. Asus Chromebook Flip: this is an extremely inexpensive option for the laptops. Chromebook runs on ChromeOS , which is a bit more than a web browser, but is equally good for programming laptops. In fact, these Chromebooks are in any way a good option for students. With Chromebooks, one has to worry least about the memory because Chromebook provides Cloud Storage, that means you can access your codes anywhere and anyplace.

Chromebooks are touch-enabled, hence, increasing the ease of use. The biggest advantage of using Chromebook is that most of the applications are supported by Google, so no issues either with compatibility or the cost of various applications.

Programming is an intense work, the students cannot fuss about any other thing other than programming itself. Hence, we tried to bring you the list of the best laptops for programming students of 2020 that would whole-heartedly support your programming instincts.