Washington State can provide you with every type of adventure because it has around 8,000 lakes. So Paddle Board lovers, pack everything out and get ticking the best paddling board spots in Washington State from our list.


Visiting Washington State will take your breath away with its landscapes and dramatic views, which make you feel like you’re traveling in a fantasy realm. This is a dream location that loves nature and adventure. With its beautiful forest, mesmerizing Puget Sound, snow-capped mountains, and ice blue glacier waters, you will get an excellent experience to wet your feet, so let’s talk about Best Lakes to Paddle Board in Washington State.

Whether you’re just getting started or an experienced one, Washington State gives some of the best paddle boarding destinations in the country. If you’re looking for a river or lake to paddle, here is the list to know what your favorite place of paddle boarding is.

Best Lakes to Paddle Board in Washington State

 If you live near Seattle Area then Shilshole Bay, Lake Washington, Lake Union, Discovery Park, Juanita Park, and Alki Beach Park are the best places for paddle boarding. On the other hand, if you plan to SUP around Washington Parks so, Deception Pass State Park, Blake Island Marine State Park, and Dry Falls State Park may match your adventurous hunt. In parallel, San Juan Island and Ozette Lake can also offer you an amazing fun with paddle boarding

Shilshole Bay

This Bay is a popular marina for vessels and yachts, and the adventurous arrive in Shilshole Bay from Discovery Park. You can check out Surfer’s beach by catching some waves to try your paddle board.

There are many access points to reach Shilshole Bay, and you can try the boatyard and marina to launch your paddle board. But, keep in mind that you should be cautious of boat traffic because this is a famous bay.

Lake Washington

Lake Washington is a freshwater lake and has a surface area of about 88 kkm2. This is the main body of water that, influences Seattle and looms over the nearby Lake Union.

For a beginner-friendly and safe paddle boarding location, you can launch from Seward Park if you’re sticking around and close to the city. There is a Mercer Island from where you can view snow-capped Mt Rainier l, and the experienced paddler loves to paddle around through this island.

Lake Union

If you live in Seattle city then Lake Union is the best location for paddle boarding. Lake Union is located in the center of Seattle and it has many quick access points for anyone around the city.

Lake Union is a renowned place to paddle board in Seattle because of its central location. You can find other SUP paddlers and also can join the morning SUP-Yoga session every weekend.

Sunnyside boat ramp is the best point to access if you live near to it. You can get into Lake Union from the north side and have restaurants as well while paddling around.

Discovery Park

Discovery Park offers you a perfect landscape for paddle boarding and you can reach this park in around 20 minutes if you’re living in Seattle City. You can also paddle out to the popular waterbody of Seattle which is Puget Sound from here. Only you need to take care of the boat traffic.

You can launch from West Point Lighthouse because car parking is close to the water from this access spot. This is considered a convenient access point ever because you can inflate your paddle using an electric SUP pump almost near to the edge of the water.  

Juanita Beach Park

Juanita Beach is on the northeast side of the Kirkland region and the spot of Lake Washington. You can arrive at this spot within 20 minutes if you’re located in the center of Seattle.

Whenever you plan to paddle board together with your family then this is a fantastic place to enjoy. If you’re a newbie then get a best beginner paddle board and learn the skill of paddling and mastering, the calm and safe water of the guard area provides you perfect location to drive on. North West Paddle Surfers is attached to Juanita Beach Park and provide rentals, tours, lessons, making it a great spot to begin paddle board.

Alki Beach Park

Alki Beach Park sited in West Seattle, is an eminent locale for summertime. You can go there with your family and kids. This is a calm and safe place where you can learn how to paddle board as a beginner. So, pack your water-resistant camera to take snaps and make your paddle boarding memorable.

Deception Pass State Park

Paddlers who want to see Whales, Seals, and whole arrays of marine life and love adventure fill be seen here. Deception Pass State Park is not for everyone, but it is the most famous point of interest indeed.

This park in Washington State includes a world-famous bridge that is fixed over the water, mysterious caves, and the coastlines that make this area highly visited. You can visit the official site of Deception Pass State Park to keep yourself up to date.

Blake Island Marine State Park

Are you fond of SUP fishing and casting a line then trust us you wouldn’t find the best spot other than Bake Island Marine State Park. The camping space of State Park is very limited and you have to hire a boat to get access here. A passionate paddler can explore a well worth journey and Puget Sound water is this fantastic island.

Dry Falls State Park

Dry Falls State Park can provide you with a unique experience on a paddle board. The wind from the south can assure your paddling more challenging. Along with it, the deep lake is surrounded by lava cliffs filling your day with super fun.

San Juan Islands

When we talk about unbelievable paddle boarding capability, then there is no place except San Juan Island. The surface of the rock is abundant with seals and pods and magical wildlife is also here. You need to keep your eyes unwrapped all across the island. This Juan Island is legendary for incredible trekking, expedient gatehouses, and whale viewing. So, if you hunt superior for paddle board, this is the place to be heading.

Ozette Lake

Ozette Lake is distinguished for its tremendous flat-water paddling and is the leading infrangible lake in Washington. This lake has an endless break to reconnoiter. So, pack your lunch, hang your bag, and plan for SUP Picnic around the banks of Ozette Lake.


It doesn’t matter if your paddle boarding is at entry-level or you’re skilled one, you will always find a perfect place for paddling. Whether you choose to paddle board nearby Seattle or stay in the inner-city, you’ll undeniably enjoy the escape and views of nature because paddle boarding in Washington is a miraculous experience.

You should take out some time to grab a SUP and paddle around the above-mentioned spots. The shorelines, lakes, rivers, and Islands of Washington are truly classic, and paddling on this water gives you an experience like no one else.

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