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You can swim in the tranquil and secure waters of this artificial reef and observe fascinating marine life. You can also take a scuba dive right from the beach, and Durban’s local dive clubs provide regular diving excursions. To the south of Vetchies Pier, you will be located south of Vetchies Pier. Addington Beach is a vast stretch of beach that is perfect for surfing or paddling on the break in the sea. Like North Beach and Ushaka’s beach, it is secured by lifeguards and shark nets and is extremely popular among locals since it is safe for the young and old. Recently sum of millions of dollars has been spent on enhancing the promenade. As a result, Durban’s beachfront is set to compete with some of the world’s most renowned beach spots.

Durban is one of the major cities located in South Africa, and the Durban Metropolitan Area is the largest city along the African east coast. Durban is home to 3.5 million inhabitants and covers it companies in Durban of land, and is an important center for transportation, industries that export, and tourism, finance, and administration of the nation in South Africa. Durban has a variety of good hospitals, both in the private and public sectors. Modern hospitals are managed by the nation’s top private health insurance businesses and offer top medical services. Here is a brief review of the leading medical centers in Durban. Netcare Parklands Hospital is situated on Hopelands Road in Overport and is a renowned hospital that provides high-quality healthcare services. South Africa’s most respected health service company,

Netcare Limited, manages this fully equipped hospital. The surgical unit of the hospital is equipped with eight modern operating rooms and one ESWL theater capable of performing various surgeries across different areas of expertise, including children’s and ENT surgery. There is a minor surgical ward that has 16 beds as well as a major surgical ward with 36 beds. The emergency care department is modern and is open 24 hours a day, offering services. The center also is equipped with a baby clinic as well as a large pre-admissions clinic.

The hospital has a wide array of advanced equipment like PET/CT scans. The pharmacy in the retail store is filled with various types of medicines as well as medical equipment. The warm and welcoming environment is an extremely welcoming environment. The physiotherapy services are also available in the center. Contact 27 31 242 4000 Life Entabeni Hospital is another modern health facility within the city. It’s located at the number 148 South Ridge Road, Berea, Durban. The hospital geared towards patients is among the 63 hospitals run by Life Healthcare, one of the most prominent hospital groups in South Africa within the private sector.

As with all Life Healthcare hospitals, this hospital is renowned for having the most modern technologies at an unbeatable quality. The hospital is equipped with modern departments across every discipline like cardiovascular medicine, internal medicine, gastroenterology, dentistry, neurology, pediatrics, and much more. In addition, life Entabeni Hospital has an epilepsy center with a 24-day video EEG and a lungs center to treat breathing issues. Furthermore, the radiology department is outfitted with a wide range of modern diagnostic equipment such as a CT scanner, MRI, and radioisotope nuclear medical facilities. Tel 031 200 1300.