Best Internet Radios in 2020

Internet radios are becoming quite popular now. People usually refers to the old radios with AM/FM things but now these days you have world’s best internet radio streaming in your palm. Internet radio is actually a hybrid device which brings you the channels using modern networks like Wi-Fi etc. It means you don’t have to face any range or quality issues. You can stream your favorite radio programs from every part of the world, enjoy talk shows and podcasts and much more.

Moreover, radio device as we all know is highly portable and without any difficult to understand technicalities. Usually radio devices have basic features like alarms and clocks etc. which strengthens the case of why you need a dedicated streaming device other than your cellphones. If you want to enjoy one, we have put together a list of best five internet radios so you can choose a suitable one.


COMO Audio is famous as it gives two in one features to its users i.e. Internet radio and CD player. It means you can enjoy both in one slot. It is one of the best for an audio-filled entertainment experience. It offers features like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth along with FM. You can also connect it to an auxiliary source. It also offers an integration facility with Alexa so you can enjoy a multi-room music system. There is no issue of sound quality so a good option to have.


  • No sound quality issues.
  • Large color display
  • Can be used a sound-bar when connected to TV or gaming console.
  • Integrated CD player.
  • Easy interface navigation.
  • Multi-room feature included.


  • Size is a bit large.
  • A bit costly.

4. Grace Digital Encore+

It is considered a modern internet radio considering its competitors. It is not at all difficult to integrate into your home. Its name is Encore+ so definitely a powerful sound is guaranteed. You can enjoy 100,000 radio stations via multiple controls like remote controls. Radio interface and android applications. You can stream services like YouTube, Spotify, iTunes and much more by virtue of built-in Chromecast so, not bad is it? It also offers a multi-room audio experience using integration with multiple radios. With the usual clock and alarm features, it have AM/FM internet radio, MP3 media player and a 2-way speaker system.


  • A large access of online radios.
  • USB port available.
  • Can be used as smartphone power bank.
  • Large LCD screen.
  • Capable of multi-room audio experience.
  • Delivers powerful sound.


  • A bit bulky.
  • Bluetooth connectivity is a bit unstable.

3. Sangean WR-22BK

It is considered as a legendary audio system as the sound quality is fantastic at both outdoors and indoors. This internet radio has a rich bass along with 3-inch speaker so no sound and bass problems at all. Rotary bass with treble controls is also an option available so you can customize to maximum capacity. It supports Bluetooth but the Wi-Fi capability is lacking which makes it a partial internet radio. You can most certainly use it for audio streaming via smartphone connectivity. It has a USB port and also FM wire antenna along with 10 preset channels.


  • Large LCD display.
  • Automatic adjustable backlight.
  • Durable and compact.
  • Rich bass due to dynamic bass compensation.
  • 3-inch speaker with enlarge magnet.


  • Wi-Fi is not available.
  • No dim light sensitivity.
  • Function keys requires some practice.

2. SiriusXM Sound Station

It is widely considered as best radio for both home and away. It is perfect for you if you need background music while performing your daily routine tasks. A wonderful compact internet radio with Wi-Fi and WEP/WPA security. It means you access worldwide content of your liking without any fuss. You can enjoy news, podcasts, talk shows, sports, music, weather and much more. But to access all of this, you need to subscribe the “All Access Plan” or “SiriusXM Streaming Subscription”. It has 10 preset channels for you to enjoy along with replay, rewind and pause functions. It also contains an advance custom alarm so you can set up to five alarms. There is an integrated auxiliary input jack so you can connect to speaker as well.


  • Elegant and compact design.
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Remote control feature included.
  • Wide range of content.
  • Extended alarm functionality.
  • Just the right size.


  • Only be used by subscribing a plan.
  • Initial setup is tricky.

1. Ocean Digital WR230S

Ocean Digital has been ranked as first according to our research. You can enjoy a wide range of channels around the globe by having stereo FM RDS. You can connect to internet by Wi-Fi and wired networks as well. It also works well with Bluetooth connectivity within 10m range. It has two integrated speakers so no question of sound issues. Some other functions like alarms, sleeper time, and screen are also included. It has a built-in remote control system so you don’t have to get up to change the channel. It is capable of storing 99 channels so you have a fine choice. According to many reviews, it is even better than Spotify.


  • Wide range of channels.
  • No special technicalities.
  • Remote control functionality.
  • All the usual functions included.
  • Affordable price.


  • LCD screen is small.
  • Boxy design but not bulky.