Best Indian Bridal Makeup Tips

Our wedding day is the day most of us eagerly await, and some of us prefer to start preparing for the day well in advance. Everything –  from the outfit, the shoes, to the makeup that goes with it – is given a lot of thought. To make this process of getting ready easier for you, we have collated the top 10 tips when it comes to Indian bridal makeup. 

1. Go For A Look That Goes With The Time Of The Wedding Day. 

A good idea is to consider whether your ceremony is to take place during the day, in which case you should opt for a more natural look. And if your ceremony is to take place at night, it is perfectly alright to go for a heavy look. 

2. Choose the Makeup According To Your Wedding Attire

Take a good look at both your attire and your jewellery. The best makeup artist in Delhi will be able to tell you what kind of makeup will go with your overall look. If you have selected an attire that is full of sequins, or is glittery and in bold colours, then you should keep your makeup light. If your attire is simple, you can go bold with your choice of makeup instead.

3. Moisturise Your Face

Good bridal makeup is possible when you have the right base for it. Invest in a good moisturiser that is suited to your skin. There are so many options within this one: moisturisers come in a gel, liquid or cream form. Choose the one that fits best with your type of skin to prevent breakouts and keep your skin well hydrated.

4. Use The Correct Concealer 

The correct concealer will hide blemishes and spots wherever they may be and even out any discolouration of the skin. Coloured concealers like yellow and green concealers, when used correctly, will help you in toning down any redness, and camouflage breakouts or bruises. You can hide any noticeable bluish veins around your eyes using an orange-tinted concealer. Afterwards, a normal concealer can be applied as usual. 

Note: Using a primer two minutes after moisturising and before applying makeup will keep both your concealer and foundation intact for hours. 

5. Prep Your Face The Right Way

Apply a foundation without SPF (a foundation with SPF is likely to have an undesirable ‘flash’ effect when you are getting clicked for wedding photographs). You should blend it well with a clean makeup brush or sponge. Start from the centre of the face, and then blend it outwards. For that adored highlight, apply a highlighter on the higher areas of the face (like your cheekbones and the bridge of your nose).

6. Choose The Proper Eye Lining

Check what type of eye lining will be suitable for the shape of your eyes. If you have small eyes, you can give them the appearance of being wider just by drawing a double wing. If you have downturned eyes (that is, the corners of your eyes slope towards the cheekbones, apply your eyeliner in a thin line starting from the inner to the outer corner, and then finally extending the wing up towards the crease. You can check with your makeup artist to see which kind of eye shape you have if you get confused, and choose the right type of eye lining accordingly.

7. Make Your Eyelashes Appear Longer

If you want to have your lashes appear longer, just apply some powder on the lashes with your eyes closed. Apply your mascara next, or else add an eyelash primer just before applying the mascara. If you are trying out fake lashes, allow yourself to be comfortable wearing them first. It is also a good idea to use a dark-coloured eyelash glue which will help it to match with your skin tone.

8. Make Your Lips Appear, Fuller,

For those of you who have thin lips, you could make them appear fuller using a little trick: apply a bit of shimmer at the centre of the lower lip and on your Cupid’s bow so that it creates the illusion of fuller lips. You can line your lips along your natural lip line using a colour that is close to your skin tone.

9. Get A Relaxing Massage

Getting a relaxing massage at a spa will help relax your muscles which brings about the proper blood circulation in the body. This is good for both your hair and skin. Needless to say, it will also bring you a calm state of mind in the days leading up to your big day.

10. Have Presentable Nails

When we talk of makeup, it is easy to forget that your nails are very much part of it. Whether it is to hide stained nails or just spice up your entire look in a subtle way, nail colours are a very important addition to the process of getting ready. There are just so many colours and shades, and you can even have fun by applying fake nails. You should get your nails pampered too, so head for a manicure and pedicure to have them all properly shaped and trimmed.

Things To Keep In Mind

A makeup setting spray will go a long way in keeping your makeup in place. Touch up using a compact after every 4-5 hours and spray the makeup setting spray afterwards for a flawless look. 

Turning to one of the best bridal makeup artists near you will work like a charm for you, with their experience and a fabulous portfolio under their belt. They will have the experience of dressing up brides wanting different things suited to their own tastes and preferences, and will, therefore, tell you what you need to make you look ever so gorgeous on your wedding day.