Best Hulu Alternatives 2020

Hulu alternatives 2020

Hulu is one of the best streaming services, but sometimes people want its alternatives because of some specific reason. There are a lot of streaming applications available in the market, but we are going to share the best list with you.

5- Showbox

Showbox was the most used free application on the internet. The reason behind its success is that they are offering the streaming in a free of cost. That is why they are going to be one of the most used application. There is a big list of TV shows, dramas, wrestling and many other programs available in the stream. You can also use it offline mode because there is an option for that in the app.

It was banned because of its piracy, but still, it is running in some countries, but the app rating is 5/5.

You can get it from their offical website, but it is banned from app store because of some rules and regulations.

4- Disney+

Dinsey plus apk file is one of the most entertaining application that was launched in 2019. After its launch, it becomes the most downloaded application of 2019. There were a million people who buy its subscription after the launch of the application.

It has more than 28 million downloads. The reason behinds its success is that the owner of this company was already a famous organization. This company won many Oscar awards in their life and there is a big list of shows available in the stream.

The subscription price is only $7 a month people were wondered about its price. Many people say why this app is charging cheap price, but they don’t know the company is over smart than us. Just think when 28 million people buy 7 dollar thing how much organization will earn every month.

3- TeaTV

Teatv apk is the application that beats many paid apps because it is a freeware application and it is also not available on play store. Actually it is also using pirated stuff and banned from the app store, but it is running smoothly on high-speed servers.

When Showbox was shut down in many countries this was the app which people were using instead of Showbox. You can watch every show in HD because their stream is famous for high definition services. They are also offering a safe mode option that will be best for your kids because after turning on the safe mode your kid will get freedom with free hands. Its multi-player is awesome while streaming it is not lagging you can watch without any interruption.

2- Amazon Prime Video

Amazon prime is a paid subscription that was launched in 2005. They were offering two days trial for unlimited music and video in the old days, but I am not confirmed it is working now or not.

I used their service some years ago believe me that trial version tells me that this is really one of the best and awesome service ever. It has 150 million users according to Wikipedia so that means it is also a very big service. It is available in Canada, Australia, Germany and many others. Its price was increased in 2014 from 77 to 99 dollars annually. You can also play tekken 7 game on your amazon prime package by visiting this URL.

1- Netflix

Netflix always numbers one because of many reasons when you are going to compare its quality with any other application on the internet. Its features are better than all other organizations and it shows are better than all others. Its net worth is 20156 billion and it was founded in 1997. Its headquarters are found in California and other is New Mexico. Its Alexa rank is 21 which means it is ranked on 21 in all over the world.