Best House Moving and Packing Tips You Should Consider in 2021

Millions of people move every day from one place to another in the world. Generally, people love moving their house because of the passion for home improvement that can be carried forward at a new place.

But it is never an easy job for one to shift to a new place as the whole process is a little hectic and may require proactiveness and efficient planning to minimize the loss.

Sometimes we have no clue how to start the moving process especially in big cities or even remote areas where there is a lack of resources. So, you have no option left other than calling companies like Storage units By SSO.

Getting service from a storage unit company not only helps in moving but they will clean your residence before your departure as well. Moreover, you should not forget to pack up your stuff before finally leaving the house. In this article, you will learn about how to do this moving process proactively. On fingertips, you will learn the following things with this article:

Key Takeaways:

  • Checklist For Planning The Move
  • Checklist of packing to move.
  • How to prepare a box of essentials?
  • How to save money on move?

Checklist For Planning The Move:

  1. Clear Out All Things:

For anybody, it can be tiring and hectic to pack everything in bags and boxes. So, it is highly recommended to lessen your burden by first declutter your belongings by rejecting unnecessary items.

This method of prior sorting will make the job easy and hence you will have fewer items to pack, less to move, and then less to unpack. Hence you will be able to make a new beginning with a clean environment and less luggage.

  1. Create a Moving Folder:

Just arrange a hard copy of the tenancy agreement or property sales agreement, the new address contacts in one folder as laptop and cell phone batteries may die during travel. In this way, if there arise any query while traveling then you will have every record.


  1. Start packing before time:

Generally, people know about moving time even if they are not sure about the final destination. So, it is highly recommended to start preparing in advance the off-season items along with the items you never wanna miss. In this way, when the actual packing time comes, many of the items will be ready in advance.

Last weeks before leaving are usually stressful and people face anxiety in many cases. So, to avoid panicking, start your packing before the exact time so that you can avoid any issue at the eleventh hour.

  1. Book in Advance:

There are dozens of services that you will need to move including renting supplies, storage unit services, cleaners, painters, etc. Whatever service is your need, just make an advanced booking. It may benefit you in a way that you will not have to pay extra money for urgent services in case you book at the time of your departure. Also, you may make sure availability of service like truck movers even if it’s a peak moving season.

  1. Schedule facilities at new residence:

When you finalize the date of departure, you should contact the utility providers to schedule service at your new residence. Just imagine, when you will land at your new place how much you will be tired. You will have no power left for arranging electricity or fixing water or heat issues at that time so schedule these utilities before time. Also, keep a record of these services requested in the folder which you made in step 1.


  1. Make a Bag for Mandatories:

The next thing which you have to do ahead of moving day is just collect change of clothes, mouth brush, kids toys, medications separately in a bag. Make sure to keep it with you in the cab, plane, or car. Whatever is your traveling medium. The most significant benefit of this bag is you will have mandatory documents or accessories in your hand, So, In case of any mishap with a truck, you will have this bag safe.

  1. Invest in Equipment 

It is highly recommended to have some stock of supplies before the moving day. The last step is to have a look in-store during the loading of luggage and ensuring that all the stuff is out of the house now.

You should order permanent markers. Box cutters, bandages, Packing tape, garbage bags, and paper towels. Nothing would be wasted, even if they are not used in the moving process. These things also can be utilized during the unpacking process at the new residence.

If you have large moving equipment, you may rent the tools from the Best Self Storage option by ByStored & IMS. They will provide you their tools.

If your work requires frequent moves then we suggest you buy these tools. 

Whatever option you choose either renting, buying, or borrowing, do arrange furniture pads, covers, and dolly, and don’t forget to tie down a rope at your disposal during the moving process.


  1. Get a Truck With Loading Ramp:

Getting a truck with a loading ramp is often cheaper than the counterpart. If you are a DIY mover then definitely you will need such a truck. Also, it will require more power and energy to move furniture high enough to get into the truck and may cause your muscles to stretch or severe pain in extreme cases. So it is highly advisable to get a truck with a loading ramp for your move day.



Checklist of Packing To Move:

  1. Select the Suitable size box:

Collect items like books in small boxes whereas lighter ones like pillows, linens in big ones. It is advisable because there is a common complaint of moving experts that keeping heavy items in large boxes makes their job tough. In worst scenarios, there are cases of breaking as well.

  1. Items placement:

You should keep lighter items on top whereas heavy items on the bottom of the boxes. In case you are loading the truck by yourself, you should pack heavier boxes first towards the front of the truck for maintaining balance.

  1. Avoid vacant spaces inside boxes:

You should try to fill the gaps with towels, packing paper, and clothing. Movers have the right to deny moving such boxes which they feel loosely packed or have balance issues. 

  1. Avoid stuff mixing:

You should not merge accessories of different rooms in a single box. This will make packing as well as unpacking much easier for you.

  1. Labeling:

Again to make the packing and unpacking easier, place a label with each box along with descriptions of continents and the designated room number/name.

Hence, it will provide ease to you for identifying belongings in new places. The best practice is to put numbers on each box and maintain an inventory list in a small notebook. Also, you may cross-check at the time of unpacking with the help of this list. 


  1. Taping:

You should use tape pieces to seal pack the top and bottom of the boxes. Afterward, twist the tape such that you wrap it around the edges especially at the areas where you think there will be more stress.

  1. Special crafting for Art moving:

If you have to move expensive art then you should ask your mover for special wrapping. You should never wrap oil paintings in regular paper. For pictures with glass framing, you should make X with masking tape across the glass and hold it together. Wrap pictures in the paper and put them in a frame box with cardboard between each framed piece for safety.

  1. Collect Breakables:

This is the most important and attention deserving step. When you have to pack dishes, you should wrap them with packing paper around each one and then wrap packets of 5 with more pieces of paper. Use sufficient paper as padding above and below to pack dishes on their sides. Avoid flat packing of dishes. Bowls and cups should be placed in one another with paper in between such that they are wrapped in a bundle. Finally, pack all of them in dish barrel boxes.

  1. Specially Treated Items:

At last packing of those items is considered which require some special treatment. Few moving experts move television sets just like furniture by wrapping them in clothing pads. However, Plasma tv requires special wooden crates for shipping. So, if you have put the original box in garbage earlier than trying to double your TV, put the box in another which you already padded with packing paper.

How to Prepare a Box of Essentials?

To prepare boxes of essentials, we have compiled a list which is as follows:

  • Can opener;
  • Eating utensils;
  • Pans and pots;
  • Baby supplies;
  • Pet food (if you have a pet);
  • Instruction manuals for all your electric appliances remote controls;
  • Toolbox.
  • Double purpose garments;
  • Set of office clothes (if necessary);
  • Bedsheets and duvets;
  • Snacks, canned or boxed food;
  • Towels and dishcloth;
  • Toiletries;
  • First aid kit

How To Save Money on Move?

Moving processes can sometimes be costly. We suggest you follow the tips below to make your moving operation cost-effective:

  1. Get a price quote from 3 to 5 different moving services. It will help you to go with the best price benign offered. Often companies give discounts on negotiations. 
  2. Consider all the moving options. A smart way is to choose something which correlates with your budget and needs. Compare prices of companies for moving trucks, moving containers, etc.
  3. Contact your friends and family to get the favor of free boxes or supplies which might be useful in your moving operation.
  4. Adapt to flexibility by choosing a time of relocating that is midday or mid-week. 

Wrapping up!

We hope that you learned the best practices of moving a house and packing along with pricing hacks. There is nothing very technical to worry about but you should adopt best practices to avoid any inconvenience on the big day of moving. We wish you good luck with your move.