Best High Risk Merchant Account Providers

When a business is said to be high-risk to banks, it uses a high-risk merchant account to process payments. But this may not be a reason to panic because there are a range of factors why a business can be classified as such. Indeed, not all of them need to be bad ones.

This classification as high-risk merchant can be due to its average transaction size, industry type, and typical chargeback rate, among others. Falling into one of these categories will automatically consider your business as high risk by merchant account providers in the U.S.

Choosing a high-risk merchant account provider

Before anything else, it is important to consider the following criteria when choosing the right high-risk merchant account provider.

  • Contract length – One that will not lock you in with a long-term contract because business requirements might change over time. Canceling an agreement within a reasonable timeframe should be made available.
  • Support – When it comes to issues with customer payments, make sure your provider can offer support you can count on.
  • Technical support – One that provides technical support when issues arise in preventing customers from completing transactions.
  • Adaptability – It should be able to adapt to changing conditions of the merchant account.
  • Security – It must be able to provide excellent protection to keep merchants safe on the Internet.
  • Industry coverage – One that has a developed set of rules and practices for your niche.
  • Payment options – Having a good set of payment options will be great.
  • Chargeback help – It is important to understand providers can handle chargeback issues confidently.
  • PCI compliance – The provider must be compliant with the technical and operational standards of the PCI Security Standard Council.

Best high-risk merchant account providers

  1. Firstcard Payments

Every bank operates with a set of guidelines used to determine if a potential merchant’s business is high risk. All these guidelines vary from bank to bank. If you need a high risk merchant account, read more to understand the category your business falls under. 

  1. PaymentCloud

PaymentCloud is specialized in putting high-risk businesses, counting on a network of third-party processors and acquiring banks for the approval of your account. It also does the extra work needed to accept a high-risk account without charging you any application or account setup fees.

  1. Durango Merchant Services

Among the oldest and one of the best merchant services providers specializing in serving the high-risk business community is the company with an excellent reputation for fair pricing, honesty, and great customer service and support.

  1. Soar Payments

This merchant account provider is specialized in serving the high-risk community. Most of all, it has a very competitive pricing and terms attractive to low-risk companies. It basically offers automated custom pricing quotes, automated application process, fast underwriting, and most of all, no application fees.

  1. Easy Pay Direct

One of the most popular merchant account providers specialized in high-risk businesses is Easy Pay Direct. This company offers full service merchant accounts for both non-high-risk and high-risk merchants.

Easy Pay Direct accepts a huge range of high-risk industries and has a load balancing feature for high-risk merchants. High-risk businesses that often exceed the monthly processing volume limits of the underwriting processor will find this quite helpful.

  1. SMB Global

A relatively new high-risk provider is specializing in providing merchant accounts to offshore and high-risk businesses. It provides a whole range of services for eCommerce merchants.

With the use of different back-end processors, SMB Global is able to approve a merchant account for almost any high-risk business. Most of all, it has an excellent reputation for top-notch customer service and fair prices.

Running a high-risk business can reap great rewards but it can also be tricky. First Card Payments understands the importance of avoiding potential issues and ensure seamless transactions for your online business. Contact them today to learn more about their services.


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