Best High CPM Ad Network for Publishers

CPM AdNetwork systems are experiencing exponential growth if we look at the modern programmatic environment. Traditionally, ad network businesses like Google AdSense almost had a monopoly. However, longtime industry leaders are now experiencing serious competition coming from companies that compete through innovation and develop technology solutions full of targeting methods, real data, and smartphone ad functionality.

Ad networks for publishers implemented relatively uncommon real-time bidding techniques for media groups when they first got started. Today, smaller businesses that operate with advertisers as effectively as leaders have grown to offer advertisers an accessible CPM business model of monetization.

Considering this, the following is a list of the Best High CPM Ad Network for Publishers. That said, if you’re looking for the Best High CPC Ad Networks for Publishers or even if the Best AdSense Niches for Publishers spike your interest, then worry not as we’ve got you covered on them both! However, for now, let’s get started on our take on the Best AdSense Niches for Publishers. 

But before that, Let’slook at What CPM is and how it works so you can choose the one that fits the best to your needs and fulfills all your requirements from the list down below.

What Is CPM?

CPM is an acronym for cost per mille, meaning the cost per thousand impressions. It refers to how much it costs to have an ad published and seen a thousand times on a website and is used to monitor ad performance.

The CPM model allows brands to make money each time an ad is displayed. Due to its focus on impressions and not clicks, it is the most common method for pricing mobile ads and the most popular among mobile publishers.

How Does CPM Work?

The CPM revenue model is the most common pricing method for digital ads. The approach is based on impressions, a statistic that measures the amount of engagements with a specific ad. Advertisers pay a fixed charge to website owners for every thousand views of an ad. With CPM, if an ad is placed on the same page of a website twice, the advertiser will have to pay for two impressions, even though there is only one page view.

1. Google AdSense

With Google AdSense, publishers are free to use both CPM advertising and CPC (cost-per-click campaigns). AdSense has a large advertisement pool that pays well, which is why our take of Best High CPM Ad Network for Publishers would’ve been incomplete without adding Google AdSense in it. But its approval system is quite strict. Publishers get 68% of the revenue, and Google obtains 32%. AdSense helps publishers pick from 450 categories of ads and offers publishers a reach of 2 million advertisers worldwide.

The main drawback is that AdSense accounts need clearance, which is not simple to obtain. Nonetheless, it is one of the best CPM ad networks in the world. The platform offers a wide range of publisher options when it comes to campaign controls, payment, and more.

2. Adcash

Adcash has advertising costing billions of dollars per month and over 200 million viewers per day. They claim to fill inventories 100% of the time, allowing publishers to monetize web traffic with minimal effort.

While the platform prides itself on offering dynamic CPM monetization and user experience, you can opt-in for the manual process, too. Adcash also accepts smartphone advertising and has a smart network for personalized targeting.

There is no minimum traffic requirement to get approval and numerous payment systems are available.

3. Exponential (Formerly Tribal Fusion)

Exponential, formerly Tribal Fusion, is one of the most highly-ranked ad networks on the internet, providing a variety of ad types. The platform offers publishers and advertisers custom-tailored plans to monetize. It provides elevated CPM rates, and a huge opportunity to earn revenue with the help of extremely targeted ads.

The need for highly tailored and pertinent content is high with this ad network. The company gives 55% of the total ad revenue generated to the publishers, but with a base standard of 500,000 unique visitors per month, it is extremely difficult to get accepted.

4. BuySellAds

BuySellAds is an option for beginners since there are no minimum traffic thresholds, allowing website owners to get started right away. The ad network helps publishers in setting direct deals with advertisers. It also enables them to monetize the traffic that is using ad blockers.

Pay demands for BuySellAds should be received twice a month and are reviewed in 2-3 days. A minimum payment threshold of $20 may be transferred through PayPal. A minimum payment threshold $50 and a maximum payment threshold of $500 must be available for cheques or wire transfers.

5. Propeller Ads

Propeller Ads is an excellent eCPM ad network with good eCPM speeds. It’s also simple to try their service, which allows you to monetize your website or smartphone traffic in less than five minutes. You can get started right away by following a few simple steps to add and check your domain ownership.

Propeller Ads supports a range of ad types, including OnClick PopUnder Ads, Web Ads, Banner Ads, Layer Ads, among others. PropellerAds is an outstanding alternative as one of the strongest CPM ad networks. Net30 payment policy and a minimum $100 requirement are two excellent features. Propeller also offers real-time reporting.

6. UberCPM

UberCPM is one of the fastest rising CPM ad networks, with instant site permissions and an eighty percent profit share for publishers. UberCPM is an ad exchange network that positions your inventory on different exchanges so that numerous advertisers can bid on your domain. Publishers may receive monthly payments via Wire Transfer, PayPal, or Payoneer.

They will also provide real-time statistics and customer service available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The features include a flat $10 threshold, subscription fees, and a sales distribution of 80% for publishers. Start wherever you like, with no minimum traffic requirements and an easy-to-use dashboard.

CPM and Other Types of Web Ads Pricing

Compared to newer pricing models, CPM is much simpler, as no specific actions such as installs or clicks are expected from users.

For example, the cost-per-completed view is a metric that requires ads to be watched entirely in order to get the count. Cost per engagement is somewhat similar, as it only counts actions triggered by users.

More traditional advertising metrics include CPC (cost-per-click) and CPA (cost per acquisition). In CPC, marketers pay per click on the advertisement, while in CPA they still require a visitor to buy something after they interact with the ad.

Such types of ads are tailored for promoting a product to a particular niche audience. At the same time, if an advertisement is directed at increasing brand recognition or popularizing a particular message, CPM might seem like a smarter choice.

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