Best Healthcare Apps for Medical Professional

Undoubtedly mobile apps are revolutionizing the world. The instant rise in the usage of smartphones has made information easily accessible to people. This has opened several new opportunities in different business niches, and healthcare is not untouched by it.

Today, there are many apps that enable easy and quick access to healthcare information at the push of your mobile button. The use of health app for ios has skyrocketed in the last 5 years.

As per Liquid-State, more than 318,000 mobile healthcare applications were available in 2018, and nearly 200 apps were developed every day.

Moreover, Google Play Store and Apple Store have an average of 50,000 healthcare apps on their respective marketplaces. With the above data, it is clear that having a healthcare app is beneficial for your medical professionals and users. However, to get a highly functional and business-centric app, you should leverage mhealth app development services from Flutter Agency.

Importance of Healthcare Apps

According to a report by Research 2 Guidance, there are 3,25, 000 mobile apps available globally, and Android is the leading platform here.

Moreover, another survey from Accenture Consultants shows that the number of healthcare app downloads has increased two times in the last couple of years. Indeed healthcare apps are playing a significant role nowadays.

Let’s check the importance of healthcare apps:

  • Instant access to healthcare services
  • Monitor your health personally
  • Customization as per patients’ needs
  • Minimize diagnostic errors
  • Be your healthcare in-charge
  • Providing the best way of communication
  • Establish your brand’s presence and trust

Benefits of Healthcare Apps

According to Statista, the global mhealth market is predicted to achieve $100bn by 2021, nearly half of the total assumed healthcare market of $20bn.

Indeed, medical professionals have become digitized, which tend that you can access their services through your device. It enables doctors to check all your reports through the app and take quick and required decisions.

The IoT (Internet of Things) healthcare market is predicted to reach nearly $136.8 billion by 2021.

There are several benefits of using healthcare apps; some of these benefits are described below:

  • Healthcare app improves the efficiency of physicians. As a reliable tool, it helps them manage patients’ datasets, view health reports, and minimize the paperwork.
  • Leveraging the power of healthcare app development from Flutter Agency can enhance communication between doctors, patients and other stakeholders.
  • Such apps reduce human errors and offer the most reliable results.
  • Medical apps offer a seamless patient experience and assist people in ordinary and critical conditions.
  • Accuracy is one of the significant factors for a physician. Doctors can research, collaborate, and discuss with their patients and deliver more accurate treatment or diagnosis plans using healthcare apps.

Top Healthcare Apps Business Must Have

Do you know there are more than 45,000 iOS apps available, and this number is still increasing? Do you need a unique healthcare app for your business? To help you out, we have listed some of the top medical apps below. Read on!

  • UpToDate

UpToDate is a powerful platform for medical professionals. It provides easy access to all its features from almost all devices. Doctors can get suggestions from worldwide experts.

  • WebMD

WebMD application provides access to resources and information. Users can use symptom checkers as per a care directory, databases of different medications, and conditions.

  • DynaMed Plus

DynaMed Plus is a reliable medical reference application that assists you with evidence-based, up-to-date information to assist you in making the best decisions. Content is direct and precise, enabling users to get quick answers.

  • Medscape

Medscape provides healthcare-related news to assist physicians with timely and accurate information on all clinical optics. Its database contains information on more than 8000 prescription drugs, herbals, supplements, and OTC.


It is one of the widely used medical apps intended to assist emergency room paramedics. In this way, it enables physicians to diagnose their patients quickly. This app is beneficial for residents, nurses, interns, and students, as an excellent source of relevant medical information.

Final thoughts

Even if you do your best as a healthcare service provider, misunderstandings and accidents can still happen. At Flutter Agency, our expert developers analyze the market and keep care of your overall app development. We provide the best possible healthcare apps to our clients. Leverage the benefits of highly functional and profitable healthcare apps by choosing health app development from Flutter agency. If you have to submit any guest posts related to health go through this URL: submit a guest post health.

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