Best “Haunted Hotels” in Texas

If you are tired of the ordinary and looking for a great getaway, Texas just may be the place for you. There is something to do in every corner of the state, from the Alamo to the San Antonio RiverWalk to the beaches on the Texas Gulf. However, maybe you are looking for a little bit of extra excitement on your vacation. Maybe you would like something a little different in your hotel choice – perhaps you would enjoy the thrill of sharing your room with a ghost? Check out these haunted hotels in Texas, for a trip you’ll never forget!

The Adolphus Hotel, Dallas

Known for serving high tea, the gorgeous rooftop custom pools Dallas, and its expertise in pampering guests, The Adolphus Hotel is also known for a ghostly bride who walks the halls. Those who have seen her say she is wearing a wedding gown that looks to be from the 1930s, and it is thought that she was supposed to be married at the hotel but was left at the altar. What was supposed to be a happy occasion turned tragic, as, in grief, she took her own life. Maybe some of the other ghosts reported to haunt the hotel can cheer her up – they are said to hang around because they had such a good time there when they were alive that they don’t want to ever leave.  

The Driskill Hotel, Austin

This gorgeous hotel is known for being one of the best in the city, and the ghosts only enhance the experience. The hotel opened in 1886, plenty of time to accumulate its share of ghosts. One ghost is thought to be that of Jesse Lincoln Driskill, the original owner, who died in 1890, not long after the hotel opened. Other guests have said they have heard the ghostly laughter of a little girl, along with the occasional sound of a bouncing ball. She is said to be the ghost of a girl who died after falling down the main stairs of the hotel. The experiences go on after guests go to bed, as some have reported being touched on the face and hearing whispering in their ears as they try to sleep. 

The Baker Hotel, Mineral Wells

Hauntings aren’t just reserved for big city hotels. The Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells was built before World War 2. It boasted a number of famous guests, such as movie stars like Clark Gable, who came for the mineral springs and the gorgeous hotel architecture. The hotel is currently being renovated, but the ghosts will probably hang around. Phantom dinner parties can be heard, along with orchestra music that seems to come from nowhere and the sound of a woman’s high heels clicking on the floor when there is no one there. These are fairly benign – it might be a bit more upsetting to see the other resident ghost, a bloody woman who is said to have killed herself over a love gone wrong. 

Omni Austin Hotel Downtown, Austin

There are many hotels to choose from in Austin, but the Omni Austin Hotel is popular because it is close to the convention center and the entertainment district. It is just right for family fun, business travelers, or a couple looking for a romantic getaway. It is also just right for ghost hunters – it is said to be haunted by “Jack,” a door-to-door salesman who killed himself by jumping from a balcony after many years of bad luck with both romance and business (maybe this isn’t the place to stay if you are a business traveler!). His ghost is often seen and heard by guests and staff alike. 

If you like your vacation with a little more excitement than the average person, staying at a haunted hotel may be just the thing for you. Texas has its share of hauntings, and lucky for you many of them can be experienced first-hand, by staying at a haunted hotel! 

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