Best hand / Manual juicer for celery- Reviews

Extracting juice from a hand juicer is more environmentally friendly and relaxing than electric juicers. They are ideal juicer for celery as you set your desired pressure and extract the juice you want. Not just that, in terms of versatility, durability, and being environmentally friendly, these juicers are ideal for those who are health conscious and are afraid of oxidation produced through electric juicers.

But, in this era, finding a hand juicer is quite tricky. Therefore, this article contains a list and detailed description of some famous hand juicers so that you can easily choose the best among them. So, without further details, let’s look at up-to-mark hand juicers in the market.

Manual juicer for celery- Reviews

The simple manual juicers are ideal for extracting juice from lady-green veggies. Below are some of the honestly reviewed manual juicers of all time.

  • TBVECHI Manual Wheatgrass Juicer Extractor

On top of the list, we have the latest and advanced hand juicer from TV VECHI equipped with durable and safe stainless steel tools. This juicer has a manual screw squeezer that ensures efficient juice yield while producing maximum juice from any greens.

Along with that, you can quickly fix the juicer on your kitchen counter with the help of its robust clamps and tighten them with screws to put as much pressure as you need while juicing. Besides, the tools are stainless, durable, easy to assemble, and clean. Having all these traits, this item also holds an affordable price tag and is ideal.

Lastly, this item is ideal for those who want to avoid the temperature and oxidation produced while using a power xl juicer. This juicer works slowly and promotes anti-oxidation juice yield that preserves the nutrients for longer.

  • Moongiantgo Manual Juicer Extractor

Moongiantgo is another famous brand that offers the latest manual juicers that are versatile, durable, and reliable for extracting juice from any leafy green veggies. This juice is made of a casting process with durable outer polishing and anti-polished inner tools that ensure smooth and clog-free juice extraction.

Along with that, slag ensures efficient smoothing, as this tool controls the juice flow. Hence, while making juice, ensure that the front slag screws are not tight enough; otherwise, the juice will leak from behind.

Furthermore, this juicer is compact and holds a smaller place on the countertop. But with a small design, it also comes with compact tools, which means you must prepare your items first to extract the juice. It’s because hard and unpeeled items clog the juice and cause hindrance.

Once you are done cleaning, permanently remove the pulp from the juicer with a cleaning brush, wash the tools, dry them and keep them in a safe place to ensure their durability.

  • LOYALHEARTDY Manual Hand Juicer

Another best hand juicer for celery is from LOYALHEARTDY. This juicer is fitted with a stainless steel body with metal polishing materials that are anti-rust and easy to assemble and disassemble. This juicer has an extra wide chute that can accommodate larger chunks while providing the ease of chopping. 

A mounting clamp with 2.2 inches depth is needed to attach this item to the countertops efficiently. Its clamps ensure a robust grip on the counter to bear maximum pressure while juicing. In terms of juice yield, the best part of this juicer is that it produces high-yield juice with its slow-speed spiral auger to avoid extra heat produced while juicing. It means you have pulp-free anti-oxidized juice in just a few minutes.

As the quality of the juice is not compromised in this juicer, it keeps the nutrients of the juicer that you can easily store for a longer duration. Although this juicer is lower than another masticating juicer, with its high-yield juicing technology and easy cleaning, this item is worth buying.

  • VEVOR Manual Juicer

Last but not least, Vevor offers another best manual juicer finished with mirror stain to give a glossy look and enhance the juicer’s durability. This juicer comes with 302 stainless steel accessories that are durable and easy to use. The feed pot is 3.4 inches and can quickly produce more giant-sized vegetables without putting extra pressure on it.

Furthermore, the juicer has additional accessories like a tamping rod, juice catering cup, and a cleaning brush to make the juicing easier. Along with these tools, you will also get a 360-degree rotating hand through which you can easily squeeze the juice out of celery. Besides, screws are there to adjust the fitness of the juicer by just rotating them.

Moreover, there are two kinds of fixing patterns. First, you can easily attach the juicer on a flat surface with its 4.7 inches round suction cup base to fix on the countertop. While with the second option. You can clip the juicer on the edge of the counter with the help of tabletop clamps.

Lastly, this item is versatile, meaning you can use this juicer to extract juice from greens, wheatgrass, and leafy veggies other than celery. Once you are done with the juicing, this juicer is simple to clean as all its parts are detachable and easy to assemble.


Having an anti-oxidized juice right in front of you is a wish of many people because of its unlimited advantages. For that, they seek manual juicers as they are well known for their anti-oxidation, user, and solid environmental experiences. Above are some of the latest featured manual juicers for choosing the one that suits you.

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