Best 10 Scary Halloween Makeup Looks

Halloween is not simply about zombie prosthetics and sugar skulls; in fact makeup for this occasion can be both ghoulish and sophisticated. Ancient Celts felt that this night was one when the living would come face-to-face with demons, ghosts and fairies. The occasion is now more about trick-and-treating and here are some of the scariest Halloween makeup ideas that can guarantee others a fright of a lifetime.

To make these makeup ideas real you will need eyeliner, eye shadow, lipstick and a variety of glitters, sequins and sparkles. To get good quality beauty and makeup products for Halloween for discounted prices you can consider using a Lime Crime coupon.

  1. Gory Masquerade Mask: This is perhaps one of the scariest masks that can look outstanding when you flaunt it at a Halloween party. For the gore and blood you can use nose and scar wax, scab blood, liquid latex and stage blood.

  2. Scary Clown Makeup: Clowns have always been a classic Halloween makeup idea and the scary circus clown is a hot favorite. You can use vibrant shades on your face to bring this idea to life and use fake contact lenses and blood for the sinister look.

  3. Devilish Demon and Skeleton Makeup: This is a unique Halloween makeup idea that combines two scary makeup ideas, that of a skeleton and a demon. You can even create horns to complete the look and use paints and an eye-shadow palette to get the desired effect.

  4. Mummy Makeup: This idea is also a classic scary Halloween makeup look. Here, the face is typically bandaged leaving only the mouth and eyes free. The stunning Egyptian makeup style can be easily created with black eyeliner and golden eye-shadow.

  5. Voodoo Doll Makeup: This can be a scary makeup idea because it is inspired by a Voodoo doll. Voodoo dolls are typically very small dolls that may be used to cause harm to others or even for a good purpose. The makeup is characterized by heart and classic stitches. You can even add fake contact lenses and a dark and bold makeup.

  6. Scary Witch Look: This idea is inspired by a doll called Hecate that is the Goddess of Witchcraft and ghosts. This look is marked by white eyes and dark blood around the eyes, head and nose. The overall look is terrifying and is bound to shock others.

  7. Illusion Pumpkin Makeup: Illusion is always a hit because it can completely change the face. Black makeup is used for creating the classic carved pumpkin appearance and the eyes are decorated with black and orange shades. The face and body can be painted orange for a glittery pumpkin look. The look is typically finished with a whole lot of glitter.

  8. Horned Demon Makeup: This is ideally suited for those whose intention is to horrify the guests at a Halloween party. The look has white eyes, an upside-down cross, blood and horns.

  9. Creepy Clown Makeup: In this clown makeup, darker makeup shades are used and people use white contact lenses for the terrifying look. You will need white grease makeup, a clown makeup kit, black makeup crayon and red lipstick. You must use the white grease paint on your face and then outline a big clown mouth and continue dabbing till you get the desired look. You must then add a black outline for eye sockets and red lipstick for the creepy grin.

  10. Scary Devil: To get the look right, you can make some changes to your hair to give a scary look and then style it into a pair of red horns. This look has dark eyes, fake blood around the mouth and an upside-down cross.

Each of these scary Halloween looks is guaranteed to horrify others and create an impression, no matter where you go. So, do not wait around any longer and get your coupons from Don’tPayAll to buy what you need for these makeup ideas.

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