Best Hairstyle for women over 50

When you get older you may start to think of changing your looks and now for the styles for  older women. You will not have to change your entire look because you are entering another stage of life but some women want a fresh start. These 10 hairstyles you will get here will give you amazing ideas to help you decide your new look.

You may be curious that women over 40 hairstyle will be more chic but that is not the case. You will find that there are plenty of hairstyles for 50 year old woman with long hair to embrace as well as short stylish cuts. 

You want a hairstyle that will look good during any season, have your hair blowing in the summer breeze, tucked away in the winter, any weather can be your inspiration. A lot of women want to cut their hair to at least shoulder length so it could be more manageable. The older you get the more you realize how busy life made you become that even small things like doing your hair each day become a struggle. However with this article I hope we can help you find elegant and fun hairstyles for long hair even on a busy lifestyle. 

Long Hairstyles with Highlight

This has to be one of the most youthful summer hairstyles. Yes, long hairstyles are more popular during winter but you can have fun in the sun. With sunkissed curls and the right color your hair will shine. This style could knock 10 years off your age. You can add waves to your hair to make it appear thicker and fuller. 

Loose Curls

Like mentioned above you can take advantage of curls to make even thin hair appear thicker. During the spring and summer it’s a good time to let your hair out and relax. These are the best on medium length hair but even if you have long hair loose curls can look amazing. 

Platinum Blonde

If you want to make some dramatic changes, going icy blonde is  a huge step. This is a good choice especially for short hair lovers who want to be bold and beautiful. Although we love long hair as well, it may be harder to maintain the color. This is a stunning style for over 50 who want to cover their gray hair as well. This is a cool look for any season, and it works well with a woman looking for a modern hairstyle.

Voluminous bob for over 50

Making your bob appear fuller is so chic they look sleek and great. You can use certain products which will help you achieve this look. You could get a professional cut, the trick is to cut around the nape very low. 

Coloring your hair can also help create a delusion of a more voluminous chic bob cut. 

Silky Straight Cut

This is a classic especially for women with naturally straight hair texture. Even if you don’t have straight hair naturally getting a blow out then a brazilian silk press is top tier. You could add a streak of silver over your brunette hair to mask some grays as well. 

For more beautiful hairstyle inspiration check out Inspired Beauty for daily creativity. 

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