Best Geyser Brands in India

Geysers are one of the commonly used home appliance in India. After pandemic they have all the reasons to use the hot water for bathing, drinking and cleaning.

Water dispensers are used to generate hot water for drinking purposes. For Bathing and kitchen cleaning, we use geysers to fulfill the requirements. 

There are 2 different types of geysers. One is a storage geyser and another one is an instant geyser. Instant geysers are also called tankless geysers. 

Instant geysers are most commonly used for kitchen cleaning purposes. Storage geysers are used for bathing. Some use instant geysers for bathing when they have a family of one or 2 members. 

From the geyser price perspective, instant geysers are a lot cheaper compared to the storage geysers.

Best Geyser in india comes from the top brands of Geysers in Indian market are AO Smith, Havells, Bajaj, Crompton, Faber, Racold, etc.

AO Smith 

AO Smith is one of the oldest and most famous brands available. The Geysers right now. AO Smith is an American multinational company that has experience in producing Geysers for commercial and household purposes. 

AO Smith products are delivered across 24 nations across the globe. 

In India ever Smith delivers geysers of different types, storage geysers of AO smith are the leader in the market right now. AO smith sells Horizontal geysers, Instant Geysers and most commonly used vertical geysers.


Bajaj is one of the most famous brands in India. Add market share in every household item available in the market right now.

Bajaj Geysers are one of the most top-selling products in India. Bajaj latest products new shakti, flora selling products at the geyser segment. 

The after-sale service of Bajaj geysers is very good compared to any other brand in India. 

As most of the parts are manufactured in India, the price of the Bajaj water heaters is less compared to any other brand and the quality is Stable.


Crompton is one of the most famous brands of electrical appliances in India. From ceiling fans to air coolers, geysers, switches, etc. are the famous day-to-day life products from Crompton. 

Crompton also all different kinds of lasers, such as tankless geysers. Crompton Bliss Instant Geyser is one of the most famous and best-selling products from Crompton’s band. 

Crompton service is best in the market, they send a service guy to home than reaching them to the service stations.


Racold is an Italian-based geyser manufacturing company. Racold geysers more famous forward designs which are specially crafted in Italy. Racold also produces all different kinds of geysers that are available at competitor buckets. 

To say about the design quality of racold, their horizontal geyser looks like Air conditioners in India. This brings a more premium look to the bathroom. 

Racold Andris Slim is the most famous one in the horizontal geyser segment along with AO smith HAS.


Havells is an Indian multinational company that is one of the most trusted Indian brands. The reason for the growth of the Havells brand is the adoption of the latest technologies that are available in the market. 

Havells instantio is the famous instant water heater in the market right now with 4.5* positive reviews in top online sellers in India.


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