Best gaming hard drive

Laptops and PCs keep obtaining smaller and lighter, however cupboard space has ne’er appeared thus tight. High-res audio files, 4K videos and 20-megapixel photos will quickly fill the typical laptop’s 256GB SSD, and if you’re engaged on a project or holding on to your music files and photos, you’ll shortly run out of house. Gamers cotton on even tougher – we’re seeing some massive titles strict over 50GB of house, rising to over 90GB in some cases. This isn’t simply touching laptop gamers, however the Xbox One and PS4 crowd, too.

External HDDs and SSDs are the answer. They’re low cost, large and progressively speedy – and every one you would like to try to is plug them in. USB 3 drives are quick enough for nearly each purpose, whereas you’ll combine the most recent USB 3.1 and USB-C drives with a laptop computer that supports them and acquire enough speed for 4K video writing or anything. We’ve picked out a number of the most effective external drives – each SSD and HDD – to hide all necessities, as well as desktop models, slimline portables and matchbox-sized SSDs. no matter your desires, no matter your budget, we’ve got the proper hard drive for your gaming purpose.

Here is the list below.

Seagate FireCuda (2TB)

Seagate very may be a name you’ll have confidence once it involves storage devices. The Firecuda comes filled with the 2 essential options that each storage junkie needs speed and capability.

For people who don’t grasp, the Firecuda is a SSHD. this can be a hybrid storage resolution that has been designed to own the options of each an SSD and a HDD in one. the most effective of each worlds. it’s been equipped with 8GB of high-performance solid state memory which provides it lightning fast loading times while still having a complete capability of 2TB.

Seagate FireCuda (1TB)

Like the 2TB FireCuda, you get each speed and storage capability in one here.

You have 1TB of space for storing to play with during this model, enough space to store all of your primary a game titles with ease. any to the current, the Firecuda has the posh boot speeds and loading times that rival that of the SSD, creating it far more effective than your regular HDD storage choices.

If you liked the planning of the 2TB Firecuda however can’t quite abdomen the value, this can be for certain next best choice for you. primarily, this will what the 2TB version will do however solely has half the capacity.

Seagate barracuda (3TB)

The Seagate barracuda comes with a solid 3TB of space for storing for you to play around with. That’s enough space for storing to accommodate all of your steam games, media files, and necessary files creating it the proper choice for our $800 and $1000 builds. In several things this still leaves you with a ton of space to play around with.

Keep in mind that fashionable games nowadays are getting down to need areas of a minimum of 20-ish GB. With this, you’ll simply store regarding a hundred and twenty 25GB games no sweat. it’s while not a doubt, the most effective all spherical internal disk drive for gambling.

Western Digital 14TB ultrastar HDD

This monster of a storage solution is our high pick for the streamers and 4k video editors out there. even supposing this was primarily designed with NAS in mind, we tend to feel it’s a legitimate claim as our large capacity choice.

With movements in modern technology turning into ever additional frequent it won’t be long before we tend to see the likes of 8k being more and more thought. For currently but we’re within the ages of 4k, and for people who edit this sort of file, you perceive the importance of enjoying a lot of storage.

We’ve named the Western Digital 14TB Ultrastra our high large capacity internal hard drive. It’s 7200RPM, as you’d expect, and comes with a 512MB cache that is way more efficient than any large storage on the market right now.

WD Blue 500 GB hard disk Drive

When you’re on a extremely tight budget however you badly would like a space for storing within the meanwhile, this for certain is that the best you may get. With a value that’s beneath $15, you get a 320GB space for storing with a 7200RPM speeds – enough to create positive you get an honest performance compared to what you may notice in the worth range.


If you’re into hard drives that deliver extreme performance and provide lots of capability at a similar time, Toshiba X300 ought to be your selection. Its style of capacities (4TB-10TB) will definitely afford over a couple of put in games, whereas its terribly recognizable most successive read/write speeds of over 200MB/s (that will virtually be compared with the Seagate FireCuda, that may be a hybrid drive) can guarantee for the fluidity of games. Toshiba X300 offers quiet performance even beneath full load, whereas its internal shock detector and dual-stage mechanism are making certain the info integrity. Its SATA3 property and therefore the motility speed of 7200 rev are up to today’s standards, whereas its 128MB or 256MB (10TB) of cache facilitate this drive stand out from the bunch, and facilitate its high-quality performance. You can’t expect far more than this from the most effective hard drive for gaming. Therefore, if you’re a hardcore gamer, you won’t get it wrong with this one.