Best Games to Improve Vocabulary by KidSmart

The vocabulary part of the 11 Plus exam covers SPaG: spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Although it may sound easy, this may seem a lot tricky for our children. The best way to prepare them is to make sure that they have a rich foundation of vocabulary!

Instead of drilling your child with practice tests, why not make the experience more meaningful for them?

Games are a great way to help children understand different concepts. In addition, your child will feel more motivated and encouraged to study when he/she enjoys it. KidSmart understands that children (especially the children of this generation!) are more inclined to learn when they enjoy it. 

With this, KidSmart launched 7 vocabulary building games online:

Alien Eggs

To play this game, your child needs to match the appropriate synonym or antonyms pair written in the alien eggs. Among the several words on the screen, it is up to your child to identify the synonym or antonym word pairs. It’s fun, interactive, and easy to play! 

Cowboy Word Game

Your child has to stop the cowboy from falling into a pit of open fire. The meaning of the word will be shown on the screen and to save the cowboy, your child has to spell the word accurately. This game, I would say, is intense and fun to play! It is a great game by KidSmart that will help your child enrich his/her vocabulary. 

Word Hive

This game will help your child grasp the knowledge on these four topics: adjectives, adverbs, nouns, and spelling. It’s an amazing game to engage learners and definitely an interactive one. 


Rectifish is a game to help your child in spelling. A sentence will be flashed on the screen that contains some misspelled words. The goal of the game is to allow your child to identify the misspelled words and retype it with the correct spelling. 

Ancient Tablets

Ancient Tablets will help your child deepen his or her vocabulary. Your child will be presented with different words in ancient tablets that they will have to match it with the correct meaning. It gets harder every level. It’s a great way to test your child’s vocabulary and at the same time enrich it. 


Igloo is about nouns and adjectives. There will be paragraph flashed on the screen and your child will have to find the nouns or adjectives. It’s a great and interactive game to teach your child about nouns and adjectives. 


Punctoosh is a fun game for Year 2 to Year 6 students to test if they know how to use the right punctuation marks in a sentence. The goal of the game is to let the child identify the accurate punctuation in the paragraph flashed on the screen.

Games are a great way to keep your child engaged. These vocabulary building games will allow you and your child maximize your type preparing for the exam. Instead of drilling them with hours of review, why not let them play these stress-free interactive games by KidSmart instead?

——Gamification is at the forefront of our quest for innovative pedagogical methods” says Baljeet Dogra, CEO of KidSmart