Best Furniture for Tiny Houses in Houston

If you have a tiny dwelling and want to search for multi-functional furniture, then this guide comprises of all the ideas by Houston’s tiny home builders to get the best and the most practical furniture pieces. The furniture that we have recommended in the guide is functional, attractive, aesthetically pleasing, and of great value.


Every house needs to have a proper working space, however, with tiny homes, it gets rather problematic to adjust an area dedicated to working only. Normally, any desk or office space is more appropriate for a larger room, but if you have implemented innovative design plans, it does not have to be this way. The most functional, multi-purpose, and affordable pieces of fixtures and tables for your tiny homes in Houston, TX, include:

1.      Coffee Tables with Hidden Storage

Are you thinking to have a coffee table in your house, but worry that it can take a lot of space and clutter? Then getting a smart coffee table with hidden storage unit is definitely for you. This furniture piece features an amazing combination of style, elegance, and dual functionality to help you utilize the space in your tiny house in the best way.

2.      Wall-Mounted Desk

One of the most utilized space-saving solutions is using a wall-mounted laptop desk in your home rather than getting big tables. This table also has the feature of folding away as a compact storage space when not being used. This is the main reason for how many tiny homes in Houston utilize this nifty furniture piece.

3.      Fold-out Convertible Desks

This foldable desk is idyllic for small and compact spaces. Another plus point of this is that when not in use, you can easily fold it up against the wall as a cabinet, making room for roaming around easily. This means that it does not take any space on the floor if you are not using it for anything. Even when being used, it does not take much space in your living room/office space. This space-saving desk design specifically comes with two adjustable shelves. It has bill planners as well as to accommodate and keep your stuff organized.

Storage Cabinets

With tiny homes, you often face yourself with not enough space for storing your things, hence, you should make creative decisions when it comes to buying furniture. Here are some of the best and most workable storage solutions suggested by experts, like Supreme Tiny Houses, that you can utilize to maximize the space you have:

1-      Floating Book Shelves

These kinds of shelves do not take much space in your home, and when they are mounted onto the wall, they give the impression as if your books are floating in mid-air. These floating shelves can be mounted anywhere without any hassle.

2-      Corner Shelves

The corners of the walls usually get overlooked by many while decorating, but with this corner furniture piece, you can utilize them to the fullest. In addition to giving you extra storage space, they also look great and increase the aesthetic value of your room. You can find them in a numerous number of settings to suit your tiny house design. You can easily use them to store your books, photos, or display your home décor items, or use them in your kitchens for extra storage space.

3-      Storage Cabinet

This groundbreaking piece of tiny home furniture gets mounted on to the back of the door without scuffing any surfaces. It has proven to be very handy over time, as it has a large storage capacity residing inside. Moreover, it can be easily installed and gets integrated with the door smoothly.

These are some of the tested furniture recommendations made by Houston’s tiny home builders in order to maximize the tiny space without creating the effect of too much clutter.