Movies play a significant role in our entertainment. There are different types of film, including sci-fiction, comedy, etc. though each type has its impact, the funny and comedy movies preferred. Almost every age group people like to entertain their selves with comedy stuff. The sense of humor is always there to relax our mental state. Many platforms contain comedy or funny movies and content. Some of them allow you to watch funny movies for free whereas, some asks you to buy their subscription.

Netflix and funny movies

Netflix is an incredible subscription-based streaming service. There you find serials, movies สุดยอดหนังคาวบอย, and other video content. An internet connection and subscription are necessary for watching the streaming on Netflix without commercials. If you are looking for a funny movie to watch on Netflix, there is nothing hard to do. Just search for the best funny movie and watch if its what you are searching for form the last few minutes. There is plenty of funny movies available on Netflix.

The best funny movies on Netflix

If you want to watch the most comic movie on Netflix, then go with the list of movies given below and watch the one you like the most. Below is the list of top funniest movies of Netflix with little briefing:

  • Back to the future

This movie is the best combination of sci-fiction and hilarious elements. It is considered the best comedy movie to watch ever. The Marty McFly went to his past, where he met his guardians as a high school student. His presence in the past threatens the space-time continuum ultimately.

  • Fun with dick and jane

The most popular funny movie, named “Fun with Dick and jane”, is amazing. The story revolves around a married couple of dick and jane, who are unemployed. They began to involve in crimes for paying out their heavy debt. Once they caught while robbing a bank and then they realized how painful it was to hurt people by their crimes.

  • Being John Malkovich

This comedy movie is the funniest movie of the history. This movie revolves around a” puppeteer.” He discovers a portal in an office building. They allow him to inhabit the mid of Mr. john Malkovich.

  • A knight’s tale

This funny movie story is about a poor man who was born in poverty. He struggled to turn his life scenario. He participates in tournaments to compete and later his life ultimately.

  • Dolemite is my name

This funny movie is a biography of “Rudy Ray moore” in 1970. As being a comedian, Mr. ruddy ray created this. All the story of the movie is about turning his raunchy and ego. This movie was a risk that took him to a big screen. 

  • Baby mama

It is the combo of hilarious and sentimental. This most popular funny movie named “baby mama” revolves around the character named “Kate.” She is single and wants to have a child. Later she found that she is not fertile enough to hire another lady named “Angie” to act as a surrogate.

  • Just friends

This funny movie story is of two friends named “Ryan Reynolds” and “Anna Faris.” These old friends reconnect in their life and face many obstacles together. Even they have to face the hurdles of a character named “Faris.”

  • Ladybird

The funny ladybird movie is an age story from Greta Gerwing. The story of this movie is more dreamy and less funny out loud comedy. It’s a heartwarming and clever funny story about a girl who tries to find her way in the world when she prepares to leave for college. 

  • The breaker Uppers

This comedy combo movie is about two women. These women started an agency to break up couples. They make efforts to alter the matchmaking industry with their agency.


In the final words, we found funny movies หนังไทยตลกๆ liked and watched much more than other movie types. Even on Netflix, there are more than hundreds of funny movies to watch. The top of the top 9 movies with their brief into listed above. One can read the article to get the best idea about which one funny movie he should watch on Netflix.