Best Free Dropshipping Facility in the USA

Suppose you are tired of looking for a reliable and quality dropshipping company in the US. In that case, you are lucky that you have found this article because we will discuss a significant game-changer in the dropshipping business.

Big companies Alibaba, AliExpress, Lightinthebox, are already in the field. And they are doing an ample amount of business. But people are just frustrated by them as their delivery process is either slow or expensive, and customers are repeatedly getting confused with similar image-based products. And so are we. So after a prolonged digging, we have found just the right company to put faith in, namely GoTen. GoTen website is similar to a website like dHgate but better. 

Why is GoTen better? 

GoTen is a supply chain network connecting manufacturers and retailers. Reasons GoTen is better for you are:

  1. Provides good quality: GoTen offers global sellers over 20000 global SKUs in 26 main categories. And over 100 product listings come out every month. With ample data-based research and direct factory outlets, each sale of the item shows an excellent profit for GoTen dropshipping users. 
  2. Fast Shipping: GoTen can ship your order within 24 hours from our global warehouses, which are incredibly fast compared to big companies that take up to 2 months to ship a product. 
  3. Superfast delivery: GoTen offers you the fastest delivery service in the US. This company can take your order to your doorstep just within 2-8 days. And take note, no company can deliver products this fast in this country.
  4. Fantastic Service: This is the best part. GoTen is offering a 90-day after-sales service. And I hope no one has ever heard anything like that.  All this sounds like a company that has vast sources and far-reaching services, even after being a relatively new company comparison to Deal Extreme and Chinavasion.
  5. Free delivery: GoTen can offer 2 days of free delivery from their local warehouses. All this is not only the fastest local drop shipping company in terms of shipping days but also a cost-free effective service that will surely attract more and more customers. 
  6. 24/7 Support: GoTen has a professional support team on the go, which is just a call away. And they offer this support to only those who work as their business partner. They also have a sales team for professional sales consultation, which will surely boost your business. Their IT team will find out the best route for the practical system development of your business. And their after-sales team is always on high alert for your customer satisfaction.

Indeed this company sounds like the best company in the race of paid, premium, and free dropshippers in the USA. With these many facilities, only we can say that GoTen will succeed with flying colors. 

But these are only what the company is saying. To test the reality, we spoke to an eCommerce drop shipping seller, and he gave positive reviews about this website. He described his experience as “ GoTen helps me to reduce my risk in inventory and to scale my business quicker.” He has been working with GoTen for over 2 years, and coming this from a business partner like that means that GoTen is the most reliable product supplier you can rely on.

If you are willing to start an eCommerce business without keeping stocks, then you must contact GoTen. We can assure you the product quality will be good and the delivery will be faster. Moreover, you can reverse stocks for the best selling items in case of insufficient inventory. We suggest you make the best use of this privilege while you can.