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Moving to a new place can be a daunting task, especially if you’re not used to the food. In Pakistan, where cuisine is as diverse as the country itself, finding your footing can be difficult. Thankfully, there are plenty of great places to eat in Pakistan, no matter what your taste or budget. From restaurants that specialize in specific cuisines to hole-in-the-wall joints serving up some of the best Punjabi food you’ll ever have, read on for our list of the best food places in Pakistan.


Karachi is one of the most populous cities in Pakistan and has a long and rich culinary history. It is home to some of the best food places in Pakistan. Some popular restaurants in Karachi include Shalimar, Rafiq’s, Peri Peri, KFC and many more.

If you are looking for aourmet food experience, then Karachi is definitely the place to be. There are plenty of choices for both international and local cuisine here. Whether you want traditional Pakistani dishes or something more unique, there is something for everyone. Most famous restaurant in Karachi is a Food inn.

One of the most popular restaurants in Karachi is Shalimar. This restaurant is known for its luxurious decor and delicious Pakistani dishes such as tandoori chicken, kebabs and shish tawouk (a type of dish made from barbecued lamb). If you’re looking for an affordable but delicious meal, then check out Rafiq’s restaurant. This restaurant serves up loads of Punjabi favorites such as chicken tikka masala, naan bread and chole bhature (a dish made from lentils and potatoes).

For international cuisine, head over to Peri Peri. This restaurant serves up some of the most famous international dishes available in Karachi including burgers, pasta dishes and pizza. If you’re looking for something a little more unique, then try out KFC located near Gulshan-e-Iqbal Park. This fast food chain offers a variety of different types of cuisine


Pakistani food is famous for its variety and taste. There are innumerable places to enjoy Pakistani cuisine all over the country. Some of the best food places in Pakistan include Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

Lahore is a beautiful city with a rich history and culture. The city has many restaurants that serve delicious Pakistani food. Some of the best restaurants in Lahore include Punjab Grill, Gunga Gali and Badshahi Bazaar. All these restaurants offer unique flavors and spices that will make your meal unforgettable. If you are a Lahore citizen or you are visit Lahore and looking a best restaurant for food than no more look except lord of food. This is a best restaurant that offering quality dishes at affordable price.

Karachi is another popular destination for food lovers in Pakistan. This busy city has several restaurants that specialize in different types of Pakistani cuisine. There are also many international restaurants that offer excellent Pakistani dishes. Some of the best Karachi restaurants include Golconda, Shakeel’s Kitchen and Crowne Plaza Karachiwala Hotel restaurant.

Islamabad is located far away from the rest of the country but it doesn’t mean that this city lacks good food options. In fact, there are plenty of excellent restaurants in Islamabad that serve delicious Pakistani dishes such as Taj Mahal Restaurant, Shalimar Restaurant and Istanbul Restaurant.

Rawalpindi is also a great place to enjoy Pakistani food because it has a variety of hotels and restaurants that serve excellent Pakistani cuisine. Some of the best Rawalpindi restaurants include The Oberoi Hotel, The Marriott Hotel and The Ritz-Carlton Hotel


Islamabad is a vibrant city with so much to offer visitors. Whether you’re looking for delicious food, lovely scenery, or interesting history, Islamabad has something for everyone. Here are a few of our favorite places to eat in Islamabad:

  1. The Roost: This restaurant is in the heart of the city and offers some of the best food around. The menu features a variety of dishes from international favorites to Pakistani favorites. The atmosphere is modern and attractive, making it perfect for a romantic evening out.
  2. Bangla Bazaar: If you crave some traditional Pakistani cuisine, head to Bangla Bazaar. This restaurant is known for its tandoori chicken and mutton dishes as well as desserts like baklava and shahi tukra. It can get busy so be sure to book your table in advance!
  3. Saffron Bistro: If you’re looking for an intimate setting where you can enjoy excellent food without having to stare at too many other people, Saffron Bistro is the place for you. The menu focuses on fresh and healthy options, making it ideal if you’re trying to stick to a healthy diet while in Islamabad.
  4. Shah Jahan Plaza: If you’re looking for something more casual than Bangla Bazaar, Shah Jahan Plaza is perfect option for you. It’s laid-back atmosphere means that even families with children can enjoy great food without feeling cramped or stressed out


There are so many places to eat in Peshawar that it is hard to choose just one. However, if you want to try some of the best food in Pakistan, then you should definitely check out these restaurants:

  1. Rumi’s – This restaurant is popular for its Afghani and Pakistani cuisine. The dishes here are both delicious and unique.
  2. Kabab House – This restaurant is perfect for those who love Pakistani food. The chicken kababs here are especially delicious.
  3. Tandoori Flame – This restaurant serves some of the best Indian food in Peshawar. The spices used in the dishes here are amazing and they always have a variety of dishes to choose from.
  4. Kashmir Palace – This restaurant is perfect for those who love Afghan food. They serve traditional Afghan foods such as qorma and naan breads as well as sherbet lemons and mint lemonades.


Pakistani cuisine is a rich and diverse mix of regional and cultural influences. You’ll find everything from spicy dishes in the south to a focus on seafood in the north, but no matter where you go in Pakistan, there’s a good chance you’ll taste something delicious. Here are five food places in Quetta that will leave you wanting more.

1) Afridi Bazaar: The namesake of this place is obvious – it’s an afridi bazaar, or meat market, and that’s where you’ll find some of the best Pakistani food. In addition to traditional meats like mutton and chicken, you can also find lamb kebabs, shish tawook (a type of grilled steak), pakoras (fish balls dipped in chickpea batter), and much more. There’s always something new on the menu here, so if you’re ever in Quetta and looking for some great Pakistani food, be sure to stop by Afridi Bazaar.

2) Shah Jahan Hotel: This hotel might not look too impressive from the outside (it looks like just another building), but once you step inside, you’ll understand why it has such a long history. The restaurant here is known for its traditional Mughlai cuisine – which is a mix of Indian and Persian cooking – and it definitely doesn’t disappoint. There are dozens of items on the menu here, including tandoori chicken, mutton curry, naan bread


I hope you’ve enjoyed our article on the best food places in Pakistan. Here at The Culture Trip, we love to expose people to different cultures and their cuisine. We believe that food is a key part of any culture, and that’s why we’re so passionate about highlighting the best food places in every destination we visit. If you’re looking for recommendations on where to eat in Pakistan, be sure to check out our list below!

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