Best Flowers To Buy For Every Anniversary

Anniversaries are a very auspicious occasion where people celebrate the togetherness and love of two individuals who have successfully completed a certain milestone in their marriage life. Whether it is the very first year or 25 years of marriage, every milestone is special and calls for a wonderful celebration. So, if you have been invited to an anniversary, then you should definitely get hold of some beautiful flowers to show your gratitude and love. Or you can even Send Flowers to China with the help of SammyGift right now. Let’s check out the top picks for every anniversary event.

  • 1st Anniversary: Carnation – very youthful and vibrant in nature, Carnation is a wonderful choice for anyone who is celebrating their first anniversary. It represents young love and oozes with passion. It is the best option for the newlyweds and since the first year of marriage is filled with excitement, Carnation can be a great flower that you can give to any couple.
  • 2nd Anniversary: Cosmos – a bouquet of cosmos can easily capture the essence of new married life and that is why you can easily present it as a gift. The second year of marriage is still young and filled with passion. So, it can help you capture the love of a young marriage that is still growing.
  • 3rd Anniversary: Sunflower – a very common flower that is loved by every person, sunflowers represent warmth and comfort that is there in the life of any couple. The sunflower which always faces the sun and still manages to look bright and radiant is symbolic to the challenges a couple has to face. You can visit SammyGift and opt for flower delivery to Shenzhen easily.
  • 4th Anniversary: Geranium – this is a unique and magnificent flower that stands for togetherness and caring nature between two people. By this time, the couple have already spent quite a lot of time together which has made them grow affectionate. That is why geraniums are a brilliant choice.
  • 20th Anniversary: Aster – it is believed that in the ancient times, the Aster flower had magical properties. That is why it is a very auspicious flower. What can be a better way to surprise a couple by giving them an aesthetic bouquet of Aster flowers right now? They stand for wisdom & knowledge.
  • 25th Anniversary: Iris – 25 years of marriage is one of the best milestones that every couple celebrates in their life. Iris represents strength and aura of a long term relationship which is very much present between a couple who completed 25 years of togetherness. So, Iris is one of the best flowers to give to such a pair of individuals.

So, here are the top flower picks that we have jotted down for you in this blog. Each of these flowers are unique and represent the true essence of a relationship that has lasted over the years through all sorts of challenges. Visit and order your favorite flowers right now to surprise someone you love.