Best Fencing Options For Horse Fields & Paddocks

Horse fields and paddocks should always be fenced to keep the horse safe. There are many benefits of building a fence around your space. It will help keep your valuables safe and also prevent the horses from wandering off. There are many options when it comes to fencing, however, one should avoid using an electric fence for obvious reasons. In the case where the fence is meant for horses, it is essential to invest in strong and sturdy ones. They should be able to withstand the high impact of the horses colliding or kicking it. This article goes on to provide various options for horse fence posts.

What are the best fencing options?

There are many fencing options to keep your horses safe. However, one should always avoid using an electric fence, barbed wire since these can end up harming the horses instead of being beneficial. Some of the fencing options include:

  • Plasmar fence posts: Plasmar fence post is one of the best options when it comes to general fencing, agriculture and aquaculture. It is also ideal for keeping your horses safe. This type of fence is made from 100% recycled plastic. This is essentially an engineering grade polymer that is CSIRO tested to ensure it is durable. It has been extensively tested and long-lasting (up to 50 years). They have many applications, one of them being horse farms.
  • Post & Rail: This is a traditional fencing material that is used in several farms in Australia. It has been around for a very long time and looks smart and solid. It serves the purpose of containing the horses in the field.
  • Hedges: Hedges serve the purpose of a good fence; hence those who have a good hedge cover can depend on it to keep their livestock safe. However, horses can easily damage the hedges hence this is not the best option.
  • Drystone wall: A drystone wall is a good way to divide a field. It is often used for a horse field as well. This is a strong and sturdy wall that will withstand all types of extreme weather conditions. On the other hand, this is more expensive and time-consuming to construct.
  • Vinyl post and rail: This is a comparatively new innovation for a paddock fence. It is a combination of good looks and sturdiness. It has a good aesthetic appeal, has low maintenance and is highly effective in keeping the horses safe.
  • Flexible, tensioned vinyl: This is highly flexible since the vinyl strips are made using multiple wires. It is encased in vinyl to form six-inch strips which can be in black, white, brown or green colour. This is one of the safest forms of horse fencing.
  • Galvanised Steel tubing:  Galvanized steel tubing is commonly used to make gates; however it is equally effective for making an entire fence. This is strong, durable and highly visible. It is easy to shift as well. However, it is less safe to use than other types of fences like plasmar fences.

Benefits of opting for plasmar fence posts

Plasmar fence post is one of the best solutions for fencing your horse field. It is recycled fencing and is a green approach since it makes use of 100% recycled plastic.  Opting for this means you are doing your bit to reduce the amount of waste that goes to the landfill. It is more environmentally friendly than timber, concrete and steel. This type of fence will not rot or leach. It is also arsenic-free, immune from fungal and termites. Some of the other properties include it being fire resistant, of high quality, will not splinter, does not require painting, and solid.

Plasmar is a composite material that is as good as premium timber. This is essentially made from industrial and domestic waste polymers that are destined for a landfill. Besides helping reduce the landfill, it is also effective in reducing the greenhouse effect. The fact that it is immune to extreme weather conditions, insects, pests, etc. makes it one of the best options for a fence for a horse field.