Best Exterior Home Design Trends of 2022

Exterior home design trends typically come and go from year to year. However, in 2022 many design trends are carrying over from the prior year. These trends all focus on simple elements and a clear connection to nature.  These are some of the best exterior home design trends of 2022.

Extra Large Windows

Indoor-outdoor living is a home trend that is not going anywhere anytime soon.  Homeowners have discovered the joy of bringing natural light and fresh air into their homes. In 2022, homeowners are taking natural light to the next level with extra-large windows. These windows may be floor to ceiling or somewhat close in size. The windows tend to be modern in nature with minimal trim to allow as much sunlight as possible. Of course, these windows should be energy efficient to appeal to the growing number of energy-conscious homebuyers.  

Stone Walkways

Natural elements are very popular among homebuyers. Their popularity makes them good material for outdoor walkways. Natural stone, concrete pavers, and brick are the most common walkway materials. Pavers can be laid in a straight line, sporadically, or in a unique design. Most homeowners outline their walkways with a row of thin, rectangular stones so that the walkway area is clearly designated.  To finish off the walkway you can surround the pavers with pebbles.

Front Porches and Pergolas

Front porches came back in style after the pandemic and they continue to grow in popularity.  Front porches make the perfect area for entertaining, relaxing with a cup of coffee, or as another spot to decorate. You can make your front porch a beautiful addition to your home’s exterior by decorating it with comfortable exterior furniture such as rocking chairs, Adirondack chairs, or wicker patio seats.  If you are patriotic, then you could add an extra dynamic to your front porch by installing a flagpole so that you can hang the flag of your country high. This is a great way to show your pride in your country. If you really want to add the wow factor, then flagpole lighting is the way to go as well. If you want your front porch to be less of a sitting area and more of a decorated area you can dress it up with a beautiful wreath, topiaries, and colorful welcome mat.

If your home does not have a front porch, you can always add a pergola to make a partial shade element and an interesting exterior focal point. Pergolas will not offer complete roof coverage but they will make for an additional accent. In addition, a pergola that utilizes wood beams adds another texture and color to your home’s exterior. Many homeowners place vining flowers or thin tall shrubs in planters around their pergola to add even more beauty to their home. If a pergola does not fit your home you can always add an overhang at the front door or over the garage. This will be much smaller and easier to add but will still create depth and additional exterior beauty to your home.

Architectural Doors

Basic front doors don’t stand a chance against beautifully designed architectural doors.  These types of front doors are generally wood or iron. They have unique architectural designs and can have large open glass areas. These doors are often wider and are clearly the focal point of your home.  

Natural Hardscaping

Keeping with the theme of natural home elements, an exterior design trend that will carry into 2022 is the increased use of natural accents. Natural stone walls, wood window trim and headers, and stone columns are extremely popular. In addition, natural retaining walls with stone accents are seen more and more. These can be built a bit higher for additional privacy or they can be lower to the ground and used as a seating wall. These should be accented with low-maintenance bushes or flowers.   

Earthy Tones

Again, nature is here to stay when it comes to exterior design trends. Paint colors that are the most prevalent are creamy whites and earthy tones such as sage and dark blue.  Creamy whites, as well as neutral and earthy tones, can be complemented with dark trim or a brightly colored front door. These colors work very well with the natural hardscaping elements to create an all-around natural vibe.  

Additional exterior designs that will be featured in the backyard are fireplaces, outdoor kitchens, large patios with shade elements, and neatly manicured landscaping areas that are surrounded by natural stone. Home exterior design in 2022 will continue to be modern, simple, and clearly linked to nature.