Best Extensions & Add-ons You Must Have For Contact Form-7

Are you familiar with WordPress? Have you heard about WordPress plugins like WooCommerce? If so, you would definitely be knowing about Contact Form 7 and its extensions. Basically, the Contact Form 7 plugin is a WordPress plugin that allows users to make forms that they can send out to their website’s subscribers through email. Here, we shall take you to the visual tour of Contact Form 7 extensions and add-ons that will be must-needed for you in 2020.

Essential and Popular Contact Form 7 Extensions and Add-ons

The world is now getting well-versed with popular addons and plugins of Contact Form 7. And why not? They come with all the required features that any user would want it. Contact Form 7 is undoubtedly quite popular and well supported. Looking at its footprint, there are ample of extensions available that not only add more functionality but also let you take your forms to the next level.


These extensions and add-ons include, but are not limited to, Paypal and Stripe Addon, Mailchimp Extension, Redirect Extension, Premium Salesforce CRM Integration, Google Analytics Free Add-on, Dynamic Text Extension, etc.


Let’s take a brief look:


1.Contact Form 7 Mailchimp Extension

This Extension for Mailchimp supports multiple mailing lists and API Keys. Further, using Mailchimp’s latest API, it automatically adds form submissions to predetermined lists in Mailchimp.


Key features include:

  • Use a different mailing list per contact form
  • Single opt-in – no confirmation email sent to subscribers
  • Double opt-in – confirmation email sent to subscribers
  • Opt-in checkbox – add the chance to opt-in/opt-out

2.Contact Form 7 Paypal and Stripe Addon

This plugin seamlessly integrates PayPal & Stripe with Contact Form 7. Needless to mention that it is an official PayPal & Stripe Partner. Once a contact form is enabled with PayPal, on submission of the form, it will send the email, as usual, and then auto redirects to PayPal. Likewise, in the case of Stripe, when a user submits the form, an email goes out and the redirects to the Stripe payment gateway.


Key features include:

  • Built-in support for 18 languages (PayPal currently supports 18 languages)
  • Built-in support 25 currencies (PayPal currently supports 25 currencies)
  • PayPal testing through SandBox
  • Choose a cancel / successful payment URL

3.Contact Form 7 Premium Salesforce CRM Integration

With this, you can easily connect your Salesforce account, map various fields of Salesforce, filter submissions, view detailed logs and send data/information as Salesforce object notes.


Key features include:

  • Assign Salesforce object(Contact, account, etc) created by one feed to other objects.
  • Google Analytics Parameters and Geolocation of a visitor who submitted the form.
  • Lookup lead’s email using email lookup APIs.
  • Verify the lead’s phone number and get detailed information using phone lookup APIs.

4.Contact Form7 Google Analytics Free Add-on

Make your goal tracking in Google Analytics smarter and easier than ever with Contact Form 7 Google Analytics Free Add-on. With this Addon in place, it is quite easy to track your form views, conversions, and conversion rates. Over and above, you can identify exactly which forms are performing better. This way you will gain insights on how to optimize all your forms for better conversions.


Key features include:

  • No coding required
  • No expertise of Google Tag Manager set up required
  • No need for advanced skill sets of Google Analytics
  • Directly create and manage conversion goals in WordPress

5.Contact Form 7 Dynamic Text Extension

Basically, this plugin enables users with the dynamic generation of content for a text input box via any shortcode. These shortcodes cover most common scenarios and programmatically you can also grab any value for dynamic content generation. Common examples include auto-population of contact details, user info; auto-fills of URLs, slug, titles; pre-population of product details, etc.


Key features include:

  • Several in-built shortcodes
  • Permits the dynamic generation of content for a text input box via any shortcode
  • Flexibility to program custom shortcode

6.Contact Form 7 Redirection Extension

Whenever a user fills a form on your website, it is important to display a simple message on his/her screen. Also, it is quite logical to redirect the user to thank you page, your popular blog post page, or any top-selling product page. With this plugin, you can seamlessly manage your redirects. Make your dedicated readers redirect to the page you want them to see.


Key features include:

  • Redirect to any website page
  • Open webpage in a new tab
  • Create registration forms, login forms
  • Add to Mailchimp list and manage email notifications by conditional logic

Signing off!

Are you also a Contact Form 7 user? Certainly, our research would be an eye-opener for you on how can you fetch the multiple benefits on your website. It is the right time for you to get the most out of CF7 with the right extensions. Get started now!