Best Diamond Locket Designs for Men and Women

Diamond is a rare gemstone found in the Coal mines. Due to the pressurization of the coal, the carbon atoms fuse together strongly and make an unbreakable bond. Diamonds are transparent and shiny, which makes it look beautiful in the sunlight or artificial light. The Diamond looks best when you use it as jewellery. You can wear Diamond by embedding it in the gold, silver or platinum jewellery. It looks fantastic with Gold, Silver and platinum. It is usually used in the Rings and Lockets. In this post, we are talking about the different types of Diamond Locket designs for men and women. With these modern Diamond Locket designs, you can choose the best one for yourself or for your partner.


Top Diamond Locket Jewelry Designs

Due to the abundance of Diamonds in the market, be it Natural Diamond or the artificial Diamond, it is easier for the jewellers to manufacture the different types of Jewelleries. Diamond Rings were already famous, but the Diamond lockets have become famous in the recent days. If you are looking to purchase the best diamond locket for yourself or the loved ones, you should check out these top diamond locket jewellery designs.


#1 – Gold Diamond Locket

Diamond goes best with the Gold. Be it the ring, necklace or the Locket, Diamond and Gold go hand-in-hand. Diamond Locket made with Gold is suitable for the ladies. With the circular locket embedded with numerous small diamonds looks beautiful on the ladies. Men can wear them too, but that is not a good idea if you look masculine.


#2 – Silver Diamond Locket

Silver and Diamond is a good combination, but that does not have the similar charm like the combination of Gold and Diamond. Fortunately, the shiny nature of the Silver makes Diamonds shine more. It looks great if the locket has multiple diamonds embedded on it. If you are running low on budget, then you can get a cheaper version of the Diamond Locket with Silver and artificial diamonds.


#3 – Diamond Locket with Initials

If you are confused between the different locket designs, having the initials locket is the best thing you can do. A most common type of initial locket is the one which has the letter made from the Gold and embedded with the mini diamonds. It looks perfect on the young ladies and the teenage girls. It’s the first locket for most of the young people out there, as this is the only that the parents gifted to their teenage children.


#4 – Simple Gold Diamond Locket Necklace

The simple diamond locket is the best choice for most of the people, as it is one of the simplest lockets. With only a single Diamond in the locket, it looks beautiful on the people with a sleek neck. Usually, the ladies should opt for the Simple Gold Diamond Locket for regular use. The locket has the single Diamond in the centre, covered with the Gold and tied in the Gold chain. You can get the gold chain customized from the jeweller according to your needs.