Best Dental Clinic in Manila

Smile More has long focused on delivering high-quality dental care and treatments with long-lasting results. Now we have raised our goal and aim to create Manila’s best dental care. The Smile More Dental Clinic is responsible for dental and patient safety issues and together with quality and a team of senior dentists at each clinic, works actively to constantly improve and develop dental care.

The Smile More is the best dental clinic because we care, our patients and must always feel completely safe and secure to receive the best possible treatment with the highest possible quality regarding both treatments and treatment.With a high goal,we are constantly work to control the daily work and review diagnoses and treatments in order to constantly develop and get better.

We regularly perform reviews of our patients’ treatments where we review that correct diagnoses have been made, that the treatments performed are according to the latest scientific guidelines of the highest quality, and that the examinations and treatments are well documented for future reference.

Another tool that is an important part of quality work is the recall visits of patients. In that next treatment phase, they can get the essential treatment they need and a more quality time to do the right and thorough management.

Maintaining an open dialogue with patients is a big part of the work to ensure that their experience of the visit is the best possible.That all employees strive for the same goal is a matter of course at Smile More. Patients are rest assured that the dentist who will look after their treatment has the right training and tools for a successful outcome. The dentists in-charge are seasoned in their particular fields and have hundreds or even thousands of successful cases performed.

With us, the dentists have the opportunity to discuss diagnoses and possible treatments, which means that the patient can actually get a “second opinion” and thus get the best possible care. As part of our quality work, we focus on all staff continuously continuing to develop, through further training and collaborations between dentists.

The doctors of the clinics are qualified and professional and will find the best solution to treat your teeth.Our goal is to make you smile again while saving on your dental care.