Best Day Trips from Denver

Denver is a fantastic city to visit. The famous Rocky Mountains, for which Colorado is famous, are still within walking distance. To add a little more colorful Colorado to your stay in Mile High City, we have put together 8 fantastic day trips that take you two hours or less on each route.

Here are some of the best day trips from Denver, and don’t worry, we will give you all the information about this capital but you just need to stick with this blog.

Truly Golden

Beer seems to flow like water all over Colorado, partly due to the history of the Coors Company, which flowed into the crystal-clear waters of the Rocky Mountains almost 150 years ago to make their beer there. Head to their headquarters in Golden, west of Denver, and tour the Coors Brewery, which ends in the lobby lounge, where you can enjoy a selection of free beers that sparkle from the tap to the source as they come out.


During your stay in Golden, you can also take a closer look at the Clear Creek watershed from which Coors stirs his water with adventurous trips to the Clearwater Whitewater Kayak Park. Or take the subway through the rapids, a refreshing summer option.

Gold Rush In Idaho Springs

Go back in time to Idaho Springs, a Far West city in search of gold in Colorado. As you approach the city, you will see the weathered purple walls of the Argo mill off the I-70. The sprawling building appears to collapse on a mountain, but has been well protected here for over a century. It was used to process the gold ore found in the 19th century Argo tunnel. The world’s largest plant of its kind has worked over $ 100 million in gold ore at the height of the gold rush.


Today you can visit the mine and even search for gold on your own. Travel five minutes down the road to Idaho Springs, where the heritage museum and more than a dozen well-preserved Gold Rush buildings look like a warp of western time.

Colorado Springs

In a state that is characterized by breathtaking landscapes and spectacular mountain views, choosing a favorite view is often a challenge. But Colorado Springs flies to Denver on many other day trips with some of the most unusual photos of the state. First, there are the views. The city is on Pikes Peak, 14,000 feet high, and the views of the snow-capped peaks and valley are just as unforgettable. Then there is the exclusive Garden of the Gods and its gigantic 500-foot formations made of red sandstone. It is an exquisite place to climb, hike and explore nature.


Slopes In Keystone

The Keystone Resort is located in the Rocky Mountains in the White River National Forest and is a year round mountain playground. In winter, it is one of the closest ski areas to Denver and a one-way trip of less than two hours takes you to 3000 acres of ready-to-ski terrain. If you are not an expert skier or just want to hone your powder grinding skills, Keystone is known for its ski school and programs.


Aren’t you a skier? No problem During the rest of the year it is possible to go hiking, mountain biking, play golf or simply go by chairlift to the Alpenglow Stube restaurant, which is over 300 meters high and offers breathtaking views and rich European cuisine with cutlets and thighs of pork.

Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park is also easy to see on a driving adventure. It begins with Trail Ridge Road, the world’s highest continuous highway that crosses the continental divide for more than three kilometers above sea level. With hundreds of miles of hiking trails, peaceful lakes, waterfalls, and wildlife, including moose, a walk in the park is an unforgettable experience. New this year, visitors can explore the via ferrata at the Kent Mountain Adventure Center (Italian for the Iron Trail), where experienced climbers and beginners can climb a 600-foot cliff while securely attached to the anchored steel. Those who climb enjoy a breathtaking view of Rocky Mountain National Park while climbing.