Best Data Science Training Courses in Hyderabad to Help You in Placements

The world is progressing at a fast rate, and keeping up with this fast-paced environment is important. Individuals must upskill themselves in newer technologies to become relevant in today’s tech world. 

If you are a professional looking for a career switch, data science is the optimum choice right now. You can gain lucrative salary packages and revamp your career with the help of a data science course in Hyderabad

Why Hyderabad?

It is one of the emerging cities in India for IT enthusiasts. Soon, Hyderabad is set to become an IT hub because of its infrastructure and facilities for IT people. Hence, it is also a significant place for data science aspirants to consider for training or to get placement. 

What is data science?

Data science is a discipline that helps in gathering data or information to gain helpful insights from unstructured data sets. The insights, in turn, help find hidden patterns or trends that a company can use to improve its business model. Therefore, data science is a highly demanded field in industries currently.

Those wanting to join the field or interested in the opportunity can do so through data science training in Hyderabad. They can learn through an online course, which provides relevant knowledge, practical learning, and help in placements. 

However, finding one from the many options available is a huge task. You can take the help of the list below to gather all the information you need and start considering a suitable data science course.

Why study data science?

The future of data science is bright, with new career options and better growth potential. People who upskill themselves with this technology can experience a salary hike and a promising future. Data is an indispensable asset in today’s digital environment, and so there will always be demand for experts in this field.

Businesses require employees who can extract new insights from unstructured data sets. They can help the business run smoothly and avoid future risks as well. Data science is essential in today’s evolving world. One may keep up with the evolving times by upskilling in data science. 

List of data science training courses in Hyderabad 

  1. Advanced Data Science and AI Program

Learnbay offers an excellent data science course in Hyderabad that working professionals can enroll in to upskill their careers. The advanced data science and AI program covers every topic, from the basics of programming and statistics to advanced data science and AWS (Amazon Web Services).

They offer real-world capstone projects that learners can complete with the help of experts. Experts also offer assistance in live classes for any doubt-clearing. The learners can participate in projects in offline centers and cities like Bangalore, Delhi, etc. 

The program offers IBM and Microsoft certifications to learners so they can quickly gain placements. They can develop skills in a particular area through this domain specialization program. 

  1. Data Science & Machine Learning Program

The Data Science & Machine Learning Program from Scaler Academy aims to provide upskilling opportunities to learners and help them in placements. It offers transformative learning to professionals and learners. This data science course in Hyderabad is suitable to help you advance your career. 

The data science course introduces students to the data science field. It teaches important concepts such as algorithms, ML algorithms, and data science tools. Learners are trained through practical learning to help them gain hands-on experience. They can learn how to gain helpful insights from raw data.

The course offers organized and relevant learning modules. Those wanting to study data science can join the course to go from entry-level to advanced level of knowledge.

  1. AI & ML Program for tech professionals

The AI and ML course from Learnbay is designed to introduce tech professionals to the field of data science. Learners specialize in artificial intelligence and machine learning through this course. 

The course offers mock interviews, resume preparation, and more offline and online facilities, assisting learners to get placed in top tech firms and MNCs. Through this course, learners get guaranteed interview calls to boost their career prospects. Apart from that, they also get more than 300 referrals from top companies.

Learners can attain skills in programming, ML, data science tools, AI tools, and more in this program. They get to display their skills and knowledge through the IBM and Microsoft certifications offered at the end of this program.

  1. Data Science Course

The ExcelR Institute offers a comprehensive course in data science. It covers the whole data science lifecycle concepts such as data extraction, collection, transformation, cleansing, mining, and more. 

The data science training in Hyderabad offers knowledge of tools and skills such as statistical analysis, hypothesis testing, machine learning, predictive modeling, R, Python, etc. The program provides self-paced learning or classroom sessions. 

You must possess mathematical, logical, and analytical skills. They provide placement help as well, in addition to training sessions in this course. You can gain placement in top companies such as Accenture, Panasonic, IBM, Infosys, VMWare, etc. 

  1. Certificate Program in Data Science and Machine Learning

The Imarticus Institute offers this data science training in Hyderabad. The program prepares learners for a career in analytics, finance, etc. The institute offers the program through IIT Roorkee. The program teaches the basics of ML and data science. 

It prepares students for real-world problems through live implementation and application of concepts. The IIT faculty designed this course, which is almost a 5-month-long program. Students get to understand many sub-topics under data science as well. 

IIT and IIM experts teach students in academic and practical sessions. Learners get guidance from experts and study as a beginner. There are recordings of live sessions that students can access through the course.


As we progress towards a future with better and more advanced technology, it is fair to learn about these technologies as soon as possible. You can join any course that fits your needs for a data science study. 

Ensure a data science course in Hyderabad that provides relevant modules, an updated curriculum, practical training, and certifications to help you become a data science expert. Additionally, placement aid with domain specialization is a better option for learners and working professionals to gain jobs in the field quickly.

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