Best Cryptocurrency Exchange – Cryptology Review

Cryptology Crypto-Exchange Review in 2021-2022

Have you ever thought about a crypto exchange platform that would simplify seasoned traders’ and novices’ lives? Everyone seeks simplicity and trustworthiness in an exchange. There is such a convenient option that on top of its usability has the reputation of the most prominent company.

Cryptology is a crypto exchange platform recognized by investors, distinguished by reliability, user-friendly interface, and loyal service to its customers. Let’s move on to the Cryptology’s main features, and other details combined under the six-features list.


How to buy and sell crypto? The point here is that  Easiness is vital for profitable trading. Simplicity means high speed. Due to ease, your operations on the website will be completed faster.


For trading, leverage is essential. Even in risky situations, leverage helps knowledgeable traders to increase their profit.

Reduced Fees

Entry, rollover, and exit charges intimidate every investor. The search for low fees is self-explanatory. If you are seeking the best place to buy crypto, opt for Cryptology, as you will save your money here.

Countries Supported

Knowing whether the crypto company you’ve chosen supports your country should be among the first factors to check. If you do not do it, you will waste plenty of time on registration, account verification.

Stress-free Cashout

This question is no less important than the previous one – Is it hard to withdraw your funds? People love cryptocurrency for its simplicity and transaction speed. So, why waste time waiting?

Buy Crypto from Available Number of Pairs

Everything depends on your needs and priorities: do you want to assess every available token or focus on the two main ones? The answer may be finding good crypto to buy. This is the case when quantity does not outdo quality. 

Cryptology: Zero Fees Exchange for Futures Trading

Cryptology is a reputed platform that works with crypto-asset futures. Its fees are not above 0% and it guarantees a bonus of $100 for the recently joined clients.

Within the period of 3 August – 30 September 2021, you are offered a chance to trade crypto – no fees plus a $100 reward for the first-made top-up of $100.

Info on Cryptology Earn’s Novel Feature

Back in September, the company created a service named Cryptology Earn that would bring passive income. The novel features make it possible to earn several types of tokens including stable coins. Users can deposit via bank cards, observe their everyday incomes, and cash out or reinvest them.

The amount of income depends on the type of currency. For example, financiers who invested in stable coins like DAI, USDT, or USDC will get a yield of 15% a year. BTC investors may get up to 8% yearly. The positive thing here is free-of-charge deposits.


Signing up is an extremely easy process:

  1. Fill in the special form. Provide basic data such as your name and surname, and email. Or sign up via your Google account.
  2. Please accept the service Terms.
  3. You have two options to sign-up: a personal profile or an institutional one.
  4. For the personal profile, the Trading account only is offered.

The Trading balance accepts deposits in both forms: fiat and tokens. Here, you can cash out only digital currency.

The account named Global lets you deposit fiat funds and coins by bank card or wire transfer. It is possible to cash out both crypto assets and fiat – for fiat funds, you may cash out funds only to the account earlier used for deposits.

  • The distinction between the two account types is that in the Trading profile you can make various deposits and cashouts.

You may deposit fiat cash via the Mastercard and Visa for the EU. As for Global balances, you can cash out fiat cash only through a wire transfer service.

The verification procedure requires 2 steps:

  1. First, pass the Basic Verification. 
  2. Send the necessary documents: national ID, passport, or driving license, and photo proof. Completion of this step will grant you a $10,000 limit.
  3. Next, finalize the Full Verification. Submit proof of address. Completion of this step will remove the limits.

Spot Exchange with Futures Trading

These two platforms are manageable and simple.

  • For the spot exchange, request the book, a chart by TradingView, the trade history, and an order form to get permission to purchase and sell at the marketplace.
  • For the future, the platform is identical, but here you can select leverage.

Payment Options and Fees

If you are seeking the best site to buy crypto coins, see the payment options on Cryptology. It offers trading fees now at 0.002 for both makers and takers. Note that the fees vary based on the trading volume.

  • As for fiat money, for deposits by credit/debit cards, you will pay a fee of 2.65%, for at least $25, €20, or 1000 Rubles deposit.
  • There are other deposit alternatives with fees for Brazilian customers. The charges range between 1.7% to 3.6% for a minimal deposit of $1.
  • Deposits for EUR SEPA for the smallest €1 sum require 0.45% fees. The wire transfers that are allowed only to Full Verification customers require no fees, for the minimal deposit of $25 or €25.
  • On the subject of cashouts, Institutional accounts only can cash out fiat and with SEPA profiles only. For a minimal withdrawal of €50, the €7 is charged.
  • Operations with virtual assets are conducted under different terms. For some crypto assets, no cash-out is available.


Cryptology exchange is available on the global level. The countries where it does not carry out activities are the USA and Japan.

According to the recent updates, Binance is excluding Holland, Germany, and Italy from its service list. Conversely, Cryptology does not intend to leave any countries. It will carry on providing its service in all the countries it operates in.

Pairs of digital assets that Cryptology covers comprising BTC USD Futures:


*P – Perpetual

Spot Exchange

At the exchange, here are more pairs:

  • BTC
  • BCH
  • XRP
  • ETH
  • XLM
  • USDT
  • LTC
  • DAI
  • TRX
  • ZEC
  • USDC
  • BAT

You can trade fiat, with Euros, USD, and RUB. In July, Cryptology reported the listing of stable coin EURS.

Pros and Cons

Let’s explore the spot-based crypto exchanges with no fees.


  • $100 is given for initial deposits of $100.
  • The leverage is up to 100x for Futures trades.
  • Up to September 30, the fees for Futures trading make 300%.
  • minimum order is $0.10 or an equal amount in other currencies.
  • Available in 160+ countries.
  • The support team is swift and professional. Response time is typically 10 minutes.


  • Fiat cashouts with trading are not available.
  • On this spot exchange, margin trading is not allowed.

To wrap up, we believe this Cryptology guide will help you choose whether to use the promos and services of this company or not. This crypto exchange for beginners and aces deserves attention. Do not hesitate to share your thoughts on this topic.